Square credit card reader for iPhone now available from Apple Store

Yesterday we reported that Square, the credit card reader for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, was being sold by Apple online for $10. Today, Square CEO and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced that the credit card reader will be sold by Apple retail stores, too. It’s the same price as you’d find online – $10 – although word is that Square is offering credits or rebates if you visit its site with proof you purchased the device from Apple.

Square is really shaping up to be disruptive in the mobile payments space, and perhaps in general commerce as well. It’s compelling in that anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device can use it to accept credit card payments, and Square also charges a flat rate per transaction. This is ideal for smaller businesses who have to deal with varying fees from each credit card company – isn’t it super annoying when your local Greek restaurant or the hardware shop doesn’t accept American Express? – who want to simplify things.

As I mentioned yesterday, this is also great for folks who sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist, offer services (tutoring, language and sports lessons, etc.) and any other activity in which cash or checks usually change hands.

Oh, and if you aren’t digging the white, it also comes in black. Just thought you should know.

[Via: Apple]

  • Roger A

    Or you can install the app and get the card readers for free for iOS and Android anyway. Mine is having issues, so I ordered a new one free.

    • Rking6

      What is the URL for Square?

  • Janie

    “Oh, just give me your credit card… so I can scan all your bank info into my iPhone… and charge your account whatever amount I want”.


    • Isn’t this basically what happens at a restaurant? They take your card, walk 30 yards away and swipe it to enter the charges (even putting a hold on additional funds until your tip amount is closed out)?

      By the by, the information isn’t scanned into the device permanently, or even all that temporarily (if at all)…it’s transmitted to Square wirelessly. You can’t use the Square device as an offline transaction, and you can’t access the customer data later…just the transaction amount and the details of the purchased item.

      Also, the amount is shown on the phone when the customer purchases, and they have to sign it as well. It’s not just “any amount I want.”

    • Emanriv

      your funny , i think every time you hand over your cc , that’s exactly what happens . come on do be a dummy.  PLEASE JANIE!!!!!!

  • I can see somebody wanting to pay $10 just to have the reader TODAY, but for everybody else…the reader is FREE from Square, and it just takes a few days to get it. You can even request multiple readers, all of them free.

    I can’t imagine it being a popular purchase…unless the fact that it is normally free is completely buried under the usual Apple hype-n-buy experience.

  • Anonymous

    Been using Square for about three months now and love it.


  • Anonymous

    I understand everyone’s comments about it being free from Square, but just how much exposure would it have gotten that way? Now anyone who walks into an Apple store who has never heard of Square before will know, and I’m sure many of them will discover that Square is offering $10 credits to those who buy the dongle from Apple.

  • Cool, now i can finger paint when i sign these things. I usually just scribble on those types of things anyway, absolutely no relation to my actual signature…

  • scottwagnon

    i am suprised no one has mentioned that you need a tap and swipe enabled credit card in order to use this

  • Jerry

    I think the TV ad said it’s a 2.75% surcharge for every swipe.

  • Rksmechanical

    Do you have any idea when this will be available in Canada????

  • Thomaslamb

    Dont do it! Square is a unethical company that makes a practice of bait and switch tactics! if you do small dollar transactions you may be fine. but if you do any large transactions they will hold your money as long as they can so they can make money off of it. You can’t talk to them on the phone. You can’t email them directly. and twitter is the absolute dumbest way to contact accompany about an issue ever!! Besides all they do is send you back to the website to fill out a form which they may or may not recontact you expediently at which time you have to fill out another form. You don’t want to do business with this company!!!!!!

  • Mjupchurch

    I was told the square was free when I signed up over a week ago and have not recieved it yet and now they say it will cost monthly what is going on hear .I am a new iphone  purchaser but I dont like double talk.

  • Mr.Surf

    Can you have multiple accounts?
    Business – product or service account
    Personal – yard sale or craigslist sale
    How would you differ from the  two?

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