Apple rocks quarter with 18.65 million iPhones, 4.69 million iPad 2 tablets

Apple has a strong quarter thanks to iPhone, iPad
Apple has a strong quarter thanks to iPhone, iPad

It’s another quarter and another record profit for Apple, as the company posted second-quarter revenues of $24.67 billion and $5.99 billion profits thanks to the success of the iPhone and the iPad 2.

The iPhone going to Verizon didn’t hurt AT&T’s earning and it also greatly helped Apple for the quarter. The company sold 18.65 million iPhone units for the three-month period and this represents a whopping 113 percent growth rate from the same quarter a year ago. You can be sure that the arrival of the device on Big Red had a lot to do with it.

These strong sales also lead us to believe that we may not see the iPhone 5 until later this year instead of the traditional summer launch. The latest rumors have the next version of the handset out in the September time frame and this will give the iPhone 4 plenty of time to keep on selling units.

The Apple iPad 2 also had some solid sales with 4.69 million units. Our review finds this second-generation tablet to be king of the mountain but some analysts were expecting a few more units shipped. Still, the Motorola Xoom would kill for those types of numbers.

“With quarterly revenue growth of 83 percent and profit growth of 95 percent, we’re firing on all cylinders,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in a prepared statement. “We will continue to innovate on all fronts throughout the remainder of the year.”

It’s some strong stuff coming out of Apple and I’m wondering how it will be able to top itself next quarter, particularly if we don’t see a new iPhone by the summer. Maybe the increased retail availability of the iPad 2 will help juice sales or if Apple can finally keep up with the demand. Perhaps we’ll see new iMacs soon, too.

What do you think of Apple’s quarter, friends?

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  • Anonymous

    Apple has become the 500 pound Gorilla in a market where it was once a tiny minnow dismissed derisively by so many. Careful planning, careful execution and an inexhaustible belief by its founder in the rightness of the Apple’s products and strategy have all led to this. Quite apart from the amazing success they continue to have with all of their products, the cash pile is rapidly approaching $US70 billion. If nothing else frightens the competitors, that should because it effectively gives Apple the capacity to respond to whatever happens.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has become the 500 pound Gorilla in a market where it was once a minnow dismissed derisively by its competitors and their fanboys. It is a credit to Jobs and his leading edge strategies in Product design, Software design and Manufacturing that have led Apple to the very top of the heap where they are now feared. Not only has that become a major problem for Apple’s competitors but the $US70 billion that Apple has in cash in the bank must be terrifying for them. Nobody has ever figured out what Apple might commit some of that to but I am sure Jobs and his team feel very protected against whatever they have to face in the market. I feel sure that Jobs is a fan of Sun Tsu’s ‘The Art of War’ because Apple’s strategies have positioned Apple in a formidable market position on all fronts.

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