Motorola Facebook poll goes awry when customers voice their opinion

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Motorola Facebook PollTrying to leverage social media to its advantage, Motorola asked its Facebook fans to name apps they would like to see next from Android. Undoubtedly, Motorola was expecting answers like an updated Netflix or game titles such as Angry Birds 2. Instead, the Android handset maker received almost 20,000 votes for an unlocked bootloader. Over 1,300 are asking for a way to remove Motoblur and another 800 are looking for device updates. Only a mere 600 people were asking for Netflix.

Motorola asked the people what they wanted and they responded in kind. This type of response is not surprising as it exemplifies the type of users that own Android handsets. Similar to the now defunct Windows Mobile, the Android platform lends itself to hacking. People often buy an Android handset so they can root it and flash a ROM to change the operating system on the handset. It’s enjoyable to tweak and try new ROMs. Manufacturers, though, don’t share this enthusiasm and often take steps such as locking down the boatloader to prevent users from modifying the system software. Judging by the response to Motorola’s poll, many people don’t like this practice and are not afraid to call Motorola out in public.

[Via Phandroid and Facebook]


  • well… that’s what’s up when you buy an Android… you need to install a custom ROM cuz the real deal is kinda lame – buggy, slow, fugly skins, outdated OS versions…

    • No actually…that’s what happens when you buy a Motorola Android phone with their bloatware weighing you down.

      Try a Nexus phone (or any other stock Android like LG G2x) or any HTC device…super smooth and fast out of the box.

    • Well said.

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