Asus Eee Pad Transformer available in the US on April 26th for $399

Good news for those of you looking to grab the forthcoming Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The Taiwanese company’s transforming baby will hit the US shores on April 26th, when you will be able to purchase one for $399. That’s the price of a 16GB WiFi-only model, while the Transformer with 32GB of built-in storage (again the WiFi-only version) will get an additional $100 out your pocket. Furthermore, keyboard — which unfortunately doesn’t come in box — could be yours for $150.

To sum things up, in order to get yourself the Asus Eee Pad Transformer with the keyboard (cause why else would you want it over Motorola Xoom), you’ll have to spend $550. Not too cheap, but then again not too expensive, either.

At the moment, Best Buy is the only retailer listing the Transformer, though I’ve no doubts other companies (Amazon?) will jump on board in no time as well. Moreover, we’re looking forward to see major carriers adding 3G and/or 4G versions of Asus’ tablet to their respective portfolios, offering the device for less on a contract…

[Via: Engadget, Unwired View]

  • Mat

    Why else would you buy this over a XOOM is easy … 200$ cheaper … if you don’t need the extra storage or keyboard this is one of the best android options.

  • ZC

    Can you use it to project PPT slides to a larger audience?

  • KS

    Why would you want this over xoom? LOL are you serious….. Even if xoom was same price as the eee pad, even if eee pad didn’t have the keyboard dock, eee pad is still lot better than xoom.

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