Google Nexus Twitter account teases us, says a ‘surprise’ is coming today

Get ready for a “Nexus Surprise”, Android fans, as the official Google Nexus Twitter account has sent out a tweet, teasing us. What the surprise could be is anyone’s guess, but we don’t have much longer to find out what it is.

While we’d like to see a new Nexus handset today, it likely won’t happen, as the Google I/O is less than two weeks away, and would be the best place to announce a new phone. Still, everything is up for debate at this point, but if anything, I’d say we’ll see some sort of OS update. Whether it’s just announced, or actually pushed to existing Nexus phones, we’ll take it.

It would be nice to see a new “Pure Google” phone announced today, but that would be a very small time frame for the Nexus S to reign as the flagship Android handset. The Nexus S isn’t a bad phone, but many were underwhelmed when it was announced, as it was hardly the jump in specifications the Nexus One made when it launched, even if sales were rather stale. However, if we do end up seeing the next device with Nexus branding, it will likely be from a manufacturer that has yet to get a crack at it.

There’s also a rumor of a Nexus tablet from LG may grace our presence, which could land as soon as this summer. Since sales of the Motorola Xoom are expected to be less than stellar, Google partnering with a manufacturer to bring another device to market makes sense, and LG would be a good choice. It may have taken LG a while to get serious about Android, but the Optimus 2X, 3D, and Black are all solid handsets that bring great feature sets to the table.

The “surprise” could also be something like a deal for the upcoming Nexus S 4G on Sprint, or the Android 2.3.4 update that will enable video chat through Google Talk on phones. We were expecting the latter to be announced at Google I/O, but anything is possible.

What do you want to see out of the impending announcement?

[Via: Twitter]

  • Nexuss4g

    probably not big, just google voice stuff for sprint nexus s

  • Anonymous

    I also doubt it will be big news…. does N1 have gingerbread yet? If not, prolly something like that…

    • Anonymous

      Step down from the cosmos, son o_O

  • Anonymous

    I have Android envy 🙁

  • Enoel69

    Does the N1 really have 4GB of internal storage? Thought it came with 4Gb micro SD card?

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