Hands-on: Lightbox Android app could be an Instagram killer

Hands-on: Lightbox Android app

One of the things I love about the Google I/O conference is stumbling upon cool new apps like Lightbox. This Android app is aiming to replace your regular camera functionality and, from what I’ve seen, it has a very good chance of doing that as well as giving the little, green robot something to crow about when iPhone owners talk about Instagram.

The Lightbox Android app is essentially a social photo-viewing app that can tie in to your various social networks to display photos. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare and the company is compressing those photos on its servers to make sure the pics pop up quickly. You’ll still have the ability to pinch to zoom, as well as retweet or post a Facebook comment from within the app.

The neat thing about the Lightbox Android app is that you create one account and you’ll be able to view all of these pictures on any of your devices. That means you’ll be able to take photos on the go with your phone and then apply some filters to it much like you can with Instagram. You can also then share those photos on Facebook and Twitter for the world to see.

When you get back to a tablet, I’ve found this program makes some great use of the larger real estate to view your pics. The real reason why I’m gravitating toward the Lightbox Android app is because it seems that many of the innovative mobile photography companies are focusing on the iPhone only and maybe they’ll get around to porting it to the little, green robot later. I don’t like that.

This app is currently in a private beta but it should be landing in the next few weeks. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

  • Sounds good so far and I think this is not very good for overall community when you consider Android as an after thought while it has already surpassed iPhone on more than one metric. And because android comes on many different devices (small, big, low processors and high-end ones etc.) I feel there would be more stiff competition and better quality products in months to come on Android marketplace than iPhone one but then I may be biased.

  • Do you have any information on where I can find more information on this app? 

    • Anonymous


      • Karen

        Haha. The video was almost Ending when I started to read the comments. Just when I started to read “where can I find more information” it was like in the movies. So someone else started to read the question 😉 but probably the mister of the comment here didn’t see the whole video 😀

        • Karen

          Okay, it was “do you have… But still. It sounded the same 😉

  • seeker

    Just downloaded the beta app on my android phone. meh.

    The interface is pretty smooth and it looks good but it’s just BORING… not many filters/effects at all.  Vignette is still the best photo app on Android by far.

    Instagram killer???!  nice try. ):

  • It’s not bad, PicPlz has more options though.

  • Nope. Vignette and Little Photo beat this hands down. THEY are Instagram killers!

  • Chrisflory

    The filters really let it down. It might be OK on the social networking side though I haven’t tried that yet… and why? There’s already twitpic (among others) for twitter and you can upload straight to facebook. What people like about Instagram and Hipstamatic are the (instant) retro effects, when an android app gets that sorted it’ll be a hit

  • William Taylor

    get ulooki on the Android market now!

  • Bzme247

    will this app be available for HP touchpads… If not do you know of any instagram like apps for the HP touchpad 

  • ylla

    neh BeFunky is waaaaaaayyyy better! thats like more instagram!

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