Samsung flexible AMOLED display won’t crease, try as you might

When we saw Samsung’s flexible AMOLED display at CES, we were a little excited about the possibilities – thinner devices, flexible gadgets and more. But anyone who has the slightest bit of experience with any sort of flexible plastic knows that they will crease if folded tight enough. Perhaps it was the least of our concerns since we didn’t think this thing would be coming to market any time soon, if ever. If or when it does, however, it doesn’t seem like it will be prone to the creasing problem we thought it might have.

Samsung’s folding display was put to the test when developers folded it 100,000 times, and in the end, showed no visible creases. Engadget adds, “They used commercially-available silicone rubber to achieve that seamless look, and the prototype featured a protective glass cover which could also function as a touchscreen.”

Not too shabby, but this thing is probably still a long way from market. It’s nice to know that the technology exists, and will perhaps mean even thinner gadgets – for better or worse – and better battery life.

[Via: Engadget]

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