Windows Phone 7 Mango to boost enterprise features

Windows Phone 7 Mango update boosts enterprise features
Windows Phone 7 Mango update boosts enterprise features

The upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango update will bring a host of new features like third-party multitasking and deeper Twitter integration but Microsoft indicated it will also have features to make this platform more friendly for businesses.

The platform is already pretty solid with businesses because it easily ties into the plethora of Microsoft software that’s prevalent in enterprises and it’s the only major operating system that comes preloaded with Microsoft Office. The Windows Phone 7 Mango update will add a few more features which should make it easier for mobile professionals to consider these devices.

The new features are detailed on the company’s blog and this includes improved e-mail organization. You’ll soon be able to pin e-mail folders to the start screen, as well as organize your e-mails by conversation.

Another great feature of the Windows Phone 7 Mango update is that you’ll be able to do a server search for e-mails, so that means you’ll be able to find nearly any e-mail you want without it actually having to be on your device. The update will also let you tie in to the Lync experience, which is Microsoft’s Unified Communication platform. I haven’t used Lync but from everything I hear, it’s actually quite powerful and useful for businesses.

We should know a lot more about the new features in Windows Phone 7 Mango on May 24, as Microsoft will be holding a press event to detail the benefits of the software update. You bet your sweet bippy that the IntoMobile team will be there live and we’ll have up-to-the-minute news.

It’s too soon to tell if these new features will help Microsoft gain a larger market share in the enterprise mobility space. This space is currently dominated by Research In Motion and its BlackBerry smartphones but the iPhone and Android are also making great traction.

[Via Windows Phone blog]

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    this is exciting, My samsung Focus is way better than the compnay provided iphone. Can’t wait for the 7.5 update. Good news for MS

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