RIM PlayBook sold 250,000 units in first month, analysts say

RIM PlayBook sold 250,000 units in first month
RIM PlayBook sold 250,000 units in first month

The BlackBerry PlayBook is off to a solid start, as analysts are estimating that Research In Motion’s first tablet sold about 250,000 units in the first month. While that’s nothing compared to the Apple iPad 2, it’s a more-than-respectable figure for the company first foray into the tablet space.

After doing some extensive retail checks, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets said the BlackBerry PlayBook has hit the quarter million mark in just about 30 days. He also estimated that the company could ship out 500,000 units by the end of the quarter.

The news comes as the first mix of reviews were decidedly mixed. From our official review of the BlackBerry PlayBook:

I’m sure the platform and device will mature through a series of software updates, but out of the gate the PlayBook feels premature. It’s disheartening to say that after RIM has had such a long pre-launch period, and it’s especially unfortunate for the folks who have held out for the PlayBook despite tempting Android and Apple alternatives hitting the market. Don’t get me wrong, the horsepower is clearly there, but the software isn’t taking advantage of it in a stable and consistent way just yet. I appreciate RIM’s placement of the PlayBook as a smartphone companion, rather than just a bigger data-only alternative to a smartphone (a position currently held by most of the competition), and I suspect it will become a viable pitch in time.

For a bit of context, the Motorola Xoom shipped 250,000 units in its first full quarter out there, so it looks like RIM is on pace to eclipse that. The Apple iPad 2 shipped 4.69 million units in its first full quarter and the company said it could have sold more if it could have made more.

How many of you have a BlackBerry PlayBook? What do you think of the tablet now that you’ve had a few more time to digest its pros and cons?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a Blackberry phone at the moment, so bridging, while intriguing, is not an option.  
    Love the hardware… love the OS… awesome display… hate that there is no native email or calendar…  exchange OWA on a 7″ screen = sucks.  Gmail is fairly usable, although fat fingers can slow you down a bit.
    I have several of the popular tablets out there… iPad 1 & 2, Playbook, Xoom, and a few Archos tablets (5, 7 and a 101).  Have a work-supplied HP Slate 500 (with Ubuntu on it), and several older PC Tablets as well. They all have pluses and minuses.  

    I very much want to make the Playbook my main device… it is so nice to pack around, so light and the display is top notch – a beauty to look at.  This will be my goto tablet once the software basics are handled – hopefully sooner than later.  For the time being, the Xoom is my preferred device – and probably will remain my preferred device for home use even after the Playbook matures.  It’s not perfect, but it is one hell of a machine, and does everything I need it to do – it’s just that 10″ devices aren’t as easy to carry around on a full time basis.  The iPad 2 is my main at-work device, as it was supplied by my employer (I already had a personal iPad 1).  The problem is I end up hauling TWO tablets around everywhere, because I prefer the Xoom but have to have the iPad for work.  And yes, the iPad will do everything I need it to do – as does the Xoom.  I just prefer the Xoom.

    So come on RIM…  I have many folks salivating over the Playbook – and we are a heavy Apple using shop.  We have at least 20,000 computers (thats probably on the low side) of which 2/3’s are Apple, the other being HP.  But many are still in the market for there first tablet – and many don’t want to drink the Apple cool aide (if they did, they’d already have an iPad).  So many are looking at the Xoom, the Iconia, and the Playbook…. but I can’t recommend it YET for the average user – it’s just not complete enough.

    • Anonymous

       Good points. I want a PlayBook but don’t have a BlackBerry as my main device, so it’s kind of limited. 

  • Anonymous

     A few of the tabs…

  • url

     The blackberry Playbook is by far the best tablet on the Market. The OS is stable, and easy to navigate through. None of the apps crashed on me, or buggy as many complaints I read about Honeycomb. The text are nice and crisp.. And its very easy to type on. The document editing app works like a charm, it keeps the format exactly like Microsoft word. I lay down in bed and do my homework. The sound is outstanding! And it plays flash video x10 better than Android tablets at the moment. I have an Ipad, and Galaxy tab 7inch also. And I can say the Playbook is a very nice piece of hardware. True it doesn’t have enough apps in the store yet. But I can do just about anything I can do on my labtop on the playbook. Its a mini computer. This tablet dont’ deserve no bad reviews period! Its far superior than the first generation Ipad, and equal to the Ipad 2..

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