Asus Transformer to beat out all Android tablet competition this month

The Asus Transformer has apparently been selling like hotcakes lately due to a mix of pricing and features that other Android Honeycomb tablets out there have yet to meet. Asus CEO Jerry Shen recently said that the production of the tablet will soon ramp up to meet consumer demand and claims that the Transformer will beat all other Android competition out there this month.

With a starting price of $399, the Transformer gives users one of the cheapest prices for a high-end Android Honeycomb tablet that even undercuts the cheapest iPad 2 by $100. It may not be the most compact device we’ve seen, but it’s price is certainly easy on the eyes. So do we believe Shen when we he says that the Transformer will beat out the competition this month? Sure, but we can’t speak for the next month.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is set to debut soon, and you can even grab it now if you’re in New York. The uber-thin and light Android Honeycomb tablet is the best of its kind as it stands today, and has the best chance of taking some potential customers away from the iPad 2. It may not look like anything special, but when you pick it up you understand what the fuss is all about. While we’d imagine that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will become the go-to Android Honeycomb tablet very soon, the Transformer has a leg up in availability and pricing.

If you’re looking for a great Android Honeycomb tablet but aren’t looking to pay at least $500 or sign a two-year contract, then you should definitely be looking at the Transformer right now. The tablet itself is up to snuff with all of the competition, only cheaper. That said, there should be many more Android 3.x tablets on their way at similar price points as Asus’ offering, it just depends on how long you’re willing to wait.


  • Will be getting a 32gb with the keyboard dock. I’m picking it up on June 11. Very excited

  • Mrumm

    I’ve had mine (also the 32gb with keyboard docking station) since the end of May. It is simply a well thought out product with the keyboard. You get the best of both worlds: one of the best tablets by itself, then a great netbook when keyboard is attached. I went to various Asus Transformer forums to really learn all I could also. I am so happy with this purchase!

  • Anonymous

    Received my 32gb tablet and keyboard dock in Mid May.  Totally love this thing, one of the best investments I’ve made.  Have had no problems with it, everything works great!

  • Jimmy

    Opted for 16gb tab cause I can Just add more from Memstick and or external hardrives connected to dock. But i love it.  Its smooth like butter. 

  • Jimmy

    Opted for 16gb tab cause I can Just add more from Memstick and or external hardrives connected to dock. But i love it.  Its smooth like butter. 

  • Mosbyraid

    Does anyone know if Asus is going to update to Android 3.1?

    • Cellington77

      They already have.

  • AL

    Just got mine =)

    Even though it’s the best on the market right now,
    Most people still don’t seem to know that…

  • Jdtommy

    All samsung has going for it on the galaxy tab vs transformer battle is the sexy factor.  The specs are the same.  Except the galaxy tab does not have a sd card slot and no hdmi port built in, you have to buy separate cables for it.  So, if .34″ vs .51″ thin and 19.9 oz vs 23.98 oz weight is important to you, then go spend the extra $100 for the galaxy.  I love my transformer and the $100 dollars I saved for same performance in every way that matters.

    • Anonymous

      I’d have to agree… you lose a lot while spending more…  in my opinion the “sexy factor” is …eh

      though i do LOVE my transformer and i imagine that i would love the galaxy tab as well  I made a quick litlle overview video of my transformer… 🙂

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