Microsoft still working on Samsung Windows Phone 7 update issue

Microsoft designed Windows Phone 7 with specific hardware requirements and limitations to make updating and keeping application support throughout the phone constant, but there was a flaw in their philosophy. The NoDo update that was released in March, effectively after the February pre-NoDo update, seems to be causing trouble for Windows Phone 7 users that bought a device from Samsung and Microsoft has a few words of encouragement.

In a recent post on their Windows Phone blog, Microsoft’s Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering wrote a message to the people that haven’t receiving the update prompt, and told them “we’re not resting until it’s done.” These words of advice come at a time when users are becoming increasingly frustrated with their phones. It’s been over four months now that they might’ve tried to get the update, but couldn’t, and Microsoft sadly doesn’t seem to have a solution just yet.

Today I had the displeasure of assisting my close friend in updating his phone, the Samsung Focus, to the latest NoDo software. Most people know me for being able to handle anything a phone can throw my way, but this was a bit much. The process all together took over 2 hours and included quite a few Google, or should I say Bing, searches for the error messages I received. The update was more challenging than putting Android on the HTC HD2 and even putting Gingerbread on the G2 combined. At the end of the day, I finally accomplished my goal and had NoDo running on my friend’s phone –I guess the 3rd time is really the charm.

This goes to show that even Microsoft has speed bumps sometimes with its products and for those Samsung Windows Phone 7 owners out there that are still waiting on the update, they are working hard to give you your update.

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  • Fenley

    The fact that one of the most prominent models of Windows Phone cannot be updated many months later is a complete farce.

    There are not very many models of Windows Phone out there, so Microsoft should have had an easy job testing them all before the update was released. It seems Microsoft only became aware of the troubles after the update was released. There is no excuse for that.

    It is no wonder that sales of Windows Phones are declining.

    • Imsimsj

      I have the Samsung focus. I got it the day it came out and have had no problems with it. The NODO update went in just fine with no problems so I don’t know why people are still saying there is a problem. Must just be Microsoft haters! Is the best phone I have had and I have had the iphone 3gs and the samsung captivate. The wp7 os will be great after it gets the mango update. Just a funny bit of info on the phone even if you don’t like wp7 when I took a picture with the phone and load it onto my laptop I wanted to see the picture info so I right click on the picture and select properties then click on details under Authors it says ” Hello From Seattle”.

  • Wp7 is fail like KIN

  • Anonymous

    I just got the Samsung Focus on Saturday, and I had no trouble at all getting either update to work. I just plugged it into my computer, updated the Zune software, then clicked update phone under the phone control panel. Then I just let the phone update, its a big update so it too a while, but it was fully automated (I started it, went to go pick up my girlfriend, and got back 40 minutes later, and everything was done). I had to return that phone yesterday because it was having some issue and was not receiving any text messages, so tonight I will have to run through the upgrade again, and I am expect zero issues as with last time.

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