Welcome to the new IntoMobile

Hi friends, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve gone through another major redesign as part of our goal to deliver you the best coverage of the mobile world. For you long-time readers out there, you’ll notice that this is actually IntoMobile version 4.0, as we’ve come a long way from just writing about unlocked HTC Tilt smartphones.

At the top, you’ll notice the slider which is showcasing the most important stories, as well as some of our current reviews, how-tos, editorials and special features. We think this will be an easy way to cut through all the clutter on the Internet and let you zero in on what’s the most important. Don’t think that means we’re taking our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to news though, as we’ll still be cranking out the most important stories of the day, as well as exclusives. You can find the top news stories directly under the slider.

The quick links on the left will help you filter stories by manufacturers or carriers and feel free to check out our sections on handsets and mobile apps. We’re still in beta with this version, so please excuse a few bugs and let us know if something doesn’t work for you. We’re working on producing some crazy-good content with more videos, images and rich media, so get your eyeballs ready.

More importantly, we want to hear from you on every single story from now on. Android rules and iPhone drools? Think we’re full of it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@IntoMobile). There is no IntoMobile without all of you, so make your voice heard.

  • Scotty

    I’m not sure how I feel about this guys. I like the new look in fact its beautiful, but so far I’m not liking how to functions. What I dont like is that I now have to check the “All News” tab and then scroll down to see older and newer posts ( I noticed those tabs are gone now ) which is an extra step that is inconvenient to use on a mobile device. Honestly I love you guys and your site is awesome I check it first thing in the morning and when i get out of work at night, but I’m a member and cant even log in now?! 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      There are still a few bugs and issues being ironed out, but we hear you and are working hard on getting everything in good working order!

  • MVZ

    lke the new style with one exepcion, where is the tagline for the author

    • Thanks! The tagline is under the title and bio is at the end of the post.

  • tiger

    the design just isn’t much assessable, the old version you could eaisly go through pages and find news. this one confuses the heck out of me, everything just bunched up in the middle.

    honestly this design just looks like one of those websites that get automatic feeds and are mainly up for money from ads

    I’d say go back to the old design and use the post/page layout from this and just put all the sidebars on the right side

    • Thanks for the feedback tiger, this redesign is definitely just the foundation for a lot more functionality centered around making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

      Much of that functionality is yet to come and under development to be released over the following weeks.  Right now all you’re seeing is news feeds, which can be overwhelming.  Fortunately there is much more coming 🙂

  • Bishop

    This used to be my favorite moblie new/rumors website I’d check out on a daily basis. NOT any more! Seriously, it sucks major donkey dick!!!! I totally agree with tiger’s comment which is why I now hate this site.

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