Samsung Dart now available at T-Mobile for free on a new contract

Samsung is churning out the budget Android phones for T-Mobile left and right it seems, and the Dart is no exception. In fact, you can grab this entry-level handset for free on a new two-year contract from the carrier today.

The Dart should appeal to people who are still kickin’ it with a feature phone, and there’s honestly no reason to hold onto one at this point when this phone costs you nothing. Of course, you’ll have to pay for data, but given that T-Mobile has $10 data plans, your bill won’t suffer. The Dart offers up some modest features, like a 3.14 inch display, 3 megapixel camera and 2GB pre-installed microSD card (expandable to 32GB), none of which are showstoppers. We’re still not sure exactly what version of Android it’s running, but it’s at least at version 2.2, and at most 2.3.3, as the device does support Adobe Flash playback.

The Dart will sit nicely alongside the Gravity Smart and the Exhibit 4G that are both set to launch next week on June 22nd. T-Mobile and Samsung have covered three parts of the budget Android phone market with these offerings, and since all three of the handset will all likely land on the carrier with a price lower than $100 (after mail-in rebates where applicable, of course) T-Mobile may have just earned the crown of being the budget Android phone king in the US.

While most people are heading over to their local T-Mobile stores for the Sensation 4G today, we can imagine that the Dart will find many new homes as well, eventually. This isn’t one of the phones that is going to gain a following, but it’s a great option when you’re looking to upgrade your phone for free. Hell, even if you didn’t want to be stuck to a contract the Dart will only cost you $179, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you decide to go contract free.

Head over to your local T-Mobile store or website to grab your Dart today.

[Via: T-Mobile]


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