Simple Mobile introduces $50 unlimited everything plan, but you can only use 2G

Simple Mobile, one of the lesser known players in America’s wireless space, is a mobile virtual network operator that piggybacks on T-Mobile’s network. Their whole selling point is that they don’t do subsidies, instead they only sell SIM cards. For many Europeans and Asians this is totally fine, but lots of Americans still have trouble wrapping their heads around the terms “SIM card” and “unlocked” for some odd reason. Anyway, until today Simple Mobile had an unlimited everything plan that cost $60 per month; it even included unlimited access to T-Mobile’s high speed 42 Mbps HSPA+ network. Today they’re introducing a new plan, one that’s rather odd if you ask us. It’s an unlimited everything plan that’s just $50 per month, but you’ll not be allowed to enjoy high speed data. Instead you’ll be limited to just 2G access, albeit you’ll be able to grab as much data as you want.

Now for most IntoMobile readers, connecting to the internet at 2G speeds is the equivalent to being tortured to death, but for a vast majority of people who simply want to check up on Twitter, Facebook, read their email, and browse the occasional website, there couldn’t be a more perfect plan. This puts Simple Mobile in an attractive position to compete with Boost Mobile, who also has a $50 unlimited everything plan, but forces you to use on their handsets. Now you can have a top of the line unlocked iPhone 4 or an imported Samsung Galaxy S II in your pocket, yet pay a reasonable price every month for service.

If you do decide to sign up for this offer, make sure you put the latest version of Opera Mini on your smartphone. They intercept the request for the website you want to visit and render it on one of their servers, compress said site, and then spit it back down to you. If you’re on 2G, there’s no better way to browse.

[Via: Phone Scoop]

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