Foursquare passes 10 million users, revamps iPhone app

Foursquare tops 10 million, revamps iPhone app

It’s been a busy week for the check-in service Foursquare, as the company has announced that it now has more than 10 million users and it has revamped its iPhone app.

The topping of 10 million is a good figure considering the company is still less than three years old and it has a neat animated graphic on its blog to show off where all of this is happening. It still hasn’t disclosed how many of those users are active per month but its momentum shows no sign of slowing.

In fact, it may get a lot more Foursquare check-ins in the near future, as the iPhone app has been redesigned to make it easier to check in without having to dive into menus. The check-in button is now prominently on the home screen of the app, replacing the Shout feature. The company explained this change on its blog.

We did a bit of pruning, too: with this release, we’re retiring the stand-alone shout button. Since foursquare is ultimately location-based, we decided that shouts should always be attached to a check-in. From now on, if you want to shout, just enter your text when you’re checking in someplace (millions of you do, every day). Though a bunch of us here at HQ were also bummed about the loss, we found it lays the groundwork for better things in the future.

The update should also be coming to the Android and BlackBerry versions soon.

Any of you out there using Foursquare or have you moved on to Facebook Places? I don’t know about you but I never really dove in with both feet on the check-in craze, as find it rather boring and not worth my time. Please let me know why I’m wrong in the comments.

[Via Foursquare blog]

  • iquanyin

    i think youre right: boring. tho i do it occasionally to add photos, on facebook mainly but sometimes via instagram to foursquare. the nicest such app is gowalla, btw. i try out hundreds of apps a month just because.

    one thing is useful: sometimes frequent checkins earc discounts or goodies. not that i check inoften enuff for them. otherwise, its always been a head-scratcher to me.

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