iPhone 5 rumors collected in infographic form

Who doesn’t love a good infographic, especially ones about the iPhone 5? With all the things we’ve heard so far–chipsets, camera specs, design, launch dates and more–it’s a good thing it has been summarized in visual form for us to digest.

Best of all, you don’t have to wade through much snark or sarcasm in order to get all the possible details on the iPhone 5 in this infographic. In fact, I think it’s very well done and I like the Renaissance-like theme it’s got going.

Check it out below while you anxiously wait for September to roll around.

  • Anonymous

    If the screen size goes over 3.8 in, then without upgrading their screen tech (which they likely can’t) they would fall below the “retina display” threshold. It will *NOT* be 5 inches. It will likely stay below 4, as I explained above.

  • I just love reading ‘articles’ written by fanboys, they love their devices so much they will even waste time producing such abominations. Great work, really.

  • Jg234

    You would think this genius would’ve used spellcheck before posting this.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, really? Which words did I misspell? If you’re referring to the infographic itself, I didn’t create it. Read my post–it’s linked back to the original.

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