Skype for iPad coming next week?

If Facebook can have its dedicated iPad app, so can Skype. Apparently the VoIP giant is working on a new application that will fully take advantage of the big screen Apple’s tablet rocks. The rumor is that Skype for iPad will launch at some point next week, bringing some cool features to the tablet. We’re hearing the application will work both over Wi-Fi and 3G networks and support full screen video calls. Moreover, there will be an option to swap cameras in the middle of a chat, as well as built-in messaging that layers over video calls.

On the downside though – file sharing won’t be supported, though we’re sure it’s one of the features that will be included in forthcoming updates.

Skype posted a promo video for its iPad app on YouTube only to remove it few hours later. However thanks to the savvy folks of Razorian Fly we have the “sound-free” clip to show you. We’re not sure it will stay forever on YouTube, so you better press “Play” as soon as you’re done reading.

[Via: Unwired View]

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