Apple releasing two iPhone models in September?

Is the next iPhone going to be called the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S? It depends on which Apple rumors you believe–some think that the new smartphone will be completely overhauled with a new design and internals, others think that it will just be a beefed-up iPhone 4. However, one analyst thinks that there might be two models on the horizon.

CNN Money reports:

In a note issued early Monday, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore is telling clients to expect both — an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S.

“With Nokia and RIMM struggling,” he writes, “the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”

The idea is that the iPhone 5 will be the new model, the next iteration of the Apple smartphone, and the 4S model will be a slightly more powerful version of the current model intended to sell for budget-conscious users. It’s not unusual for an older version of the Apple smartphone to be sold at budget prices when a new model comes out (i.e. the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49 when the new iPhone 4 was released).

It’s an opportunity for Apple to hold a wider range of the market – smartphone users who want the latest and greatest, and those who simply want the conveniences of a smartphone without the hefty price tag to come along with it.

The rumors swirling around the iPhone 5 have ranged from the processor it will use, a new display, a radical new design, the types of flash units its camera will employ and even its size. An infographic released last week does a nice job of rounding up some of the rumors and giving each one a percentage of likelihood.

If the new Apple smartphone is really coming this fall, we’re just two short months away from learning whether any of these rumors hold water, or if they’re just as wild as they’ve ever been in the past.

[Via: CNN]

  • apple articles like this SUCK.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, why?

      • do some REAL reporting, not just about rumors or what it “allegedly” will have.

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  • Ill believe it when I see it, and when I see it, I can talk major shit how they took the BEST LOOKING iPHONE YET *iPhone 4* and made it ugly as eff!

  • Abermzav

    Apple now creating many opportunities for smartphone users and fanatics is bullshit. All apple is trying to do is hit the record books by releasing two of the greatest smartphones in the same year. By releasing the iphone 5 or iphone 4S they are simply making their latest released iphone’s price smaller and a lot less demanded. They have already changed the design to the iphone 4 and are doing it again to the iphone 5 or 4S to make it look ridiculous is stupid. Stick with the design that is working the design that we all know and love. The design that when you see it you know its an iphone not that when you see this huge piece of silver metal in your ear you wont know what it is. Iphones have their signature design dont mess it up apple…

  • Trdracer21

    idk why you guys here make such a BIG DEAL on the next iphone… we all know its gonna have a a5 chip dual core a retina display thinner and lighter and its gonna have ios 5 big deal!! ios 5 is a joke i got it here dont see a big difference.

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