iPhone 5 and iPad 3 suppliers readying for production

The iPhone 5 is likely going to be released in September, and the iPad 3 may come shortly after that. According to rumors, components manufacturers and suppliers are beginning to prepare themselves for production. Apple will have small batches of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 produced in August, with volume increasing during September and October.

According to DigiTimes, the iPhone 5 will be announced in September and might be released in October, with around 6-7 million units being produced for the third quarter. Given the time frame for release, the launch of the new Apple smartphone could see a few solid months of great success throughout the holiday season.

Rumors for the iPhone 5 have been hitting hard and often, and word is that it will have dual CDMA/GSM compatibility. It’s also said that it will be completely redesigned, have a larger screen, an improved camera unit with a dual-LED flash and possibly NFC capabilities. On the other hand, we haven’t heard too many rumors about the iPad 3, and given Apple’s annual cycles for most of its products, it’d be surprising to see a third-generation iPad just seven months after the release of the latest model.

Since Apple is also set to start supplying iPad 3 in August, the shipments of iPad series products including iPad 2 are expected to surpass 15 million units, and iPad’s supply volume for 2011 will have a good chance to break 40 million units.

Those are big numbers for the tablet, and with most units selling the minute they arrive, it just might retain its stats as the most popular tablet computer in 2012.

If the iPhone 5 is coming this September, we’re just weeks away from its release. Soon we’ll find out whether there will be a second model, similar to the current one, that will retail for less (which is historically the case with the Apple smartphone). Either way, for those who were hoping or expecting for a new model this summer and were disappointed when an announcement wasn’t made at WWDC 2011, this fall can’t come soon enough.

[Via: DigiTimes]

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  • MVZ

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  • Apple is launching iPad 3 very soon. I am really excited to now about iPhone 5 and iPad 3 specification and the prices. Android OS will give tough competition to iPhone and also for iPad. So Apple should need to upto date with his devices. Because Android OS will update very fstly and give update on current phone.

  • Leroy Farted

    I doubt that technology has grown so much to warrant the Ipad 3 so soon after the release of Ipad 2. I think they under install the technology to spread out the sales of these things to people. It’s like one day they’ll add racing stripes and a spoiler to it and call it Ipad GT.

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