Google+ for iPhone and iPad now waiting for Apple approval

Google Plus has been all the rage the past week, with some users saying that it’s a pretty formidable alternative to Facebook. The social network already has a fully working Android app, but the iOS app has yet to land in the iTunes store. On the bright side, it seems to be waiting on Apple’s approval, so it’s pretty much ready to go. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing the app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in just weeks.

PC Mag reports:

“For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval,” Google employee Erica Joy posted on her Google+ account.

Joy later said the submission also included an iPad app.

It doesn’t seem likely that Apple will reject the application, even though it does share some functionality that will be available in future iOS versions. Features like chat and group chat in the new social networking service will become available in iMessage, iOS’s answer to services like BBM and Kik Messenger. However, because Google Plus is primarily a social network that offers much more than the handful of features that might duplicate existing or future iOS features, I really can’t see it as being grounds for rejection from the iTunes App Store.

For the folks in Mountain View, getting the application approved is a big deal given the importance of mobile adoption and use is for the success of the service.

Is anyone out there using Google Plus on a daily basis? Are you hoping it gets onto the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad soon? If not, are you still waiting on an invite or are you just not that interested in joining another social networking service and spreading your online presence too thin? Let us know your thoughts!

[Via: PC Mag]

  • If Apple were to reject the Google+ app then I, along with tens of millions of other iPhone users, will switch to an Android phone at the first affordable opportunity. Apple knows that.

    • Anonymous

      First, Google+ will need “tens of millions” of users. But it’s not too crazy to think that a blocked app will make users switch. I know plenty of users who switched after Apple first blocked Google Voice. What a nightmare.

    • Anonymous

      not true.  speaking for myself i am a fan of both G+ and Apple and iOS5 is going to be awesome with iCloud etc.  I wouldn’t be so dramatic…they will eventually give in. just like they did with google voice.  

      • Robert Altman

        Google voice on iPhone is still pathetic compared to GV on Android. Lacks fundamental calling integration. As much as I love Apple products, wish they would screw their customers as they do. (I always advocate choice!)

  • I am using it on my Android phone and if Apple doesn’t allow it on iPhone/iPad it’s going to remain my strongest ground for keeping at least one Android device instead of getting a new iPhone.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been using google plus for a few days. The only downside I see are the lack of friends available but I’m sure this will change once it’s open to the public.

    • Dixieman82

      yeah thats deffently the one and only issue i see

  • Really worth a wait. Considering the network of sources available with Google (Youtube, Blogger, Gmail, News, Picasa, Docs etc.,)

  • Taylor Adamchris

    Me and about 30 of my friends have already switched over, the mobile app has a huddle option which is pretty much a group chat or make it with just a single person (I think it could even replace texting). Anyways we have a group on face book with all of us and always consistently talk but now we just live chat from our phones, its quit amazing really and alot of fun. You can even mute the group when your at work, going to bed ect. I’m not sure if many others have done this but you should take advantage! (Hopefully the app will release for apple soon so thet can join in as well!)

  • Csoule

    I am currently waiting for an invite to Google+ as I want to compare it to the service Facebook provides. I looks to serve the same purpose but shines a different aspect on keeping in touch. I really hope the Apple app gets approved because i do have an iPhone and iPad2. If Google and apple can play nice I think Google+ could take off as Facebook has yet to deem it’s user worthy of an official iPad app yet. I was severely disappointed in the announcement made by Zucker last week as they said last month the iPad app would be out and then refused to talk about it when asked at the debut of the new Skype integration. If Google+ gets approved I will definitely be a convert.

  • I have been using Google+ for a couple of weeks now and having just returned from a holiday in the US (from Australia where I reside) having the iPhone app would have made having an iPhone instead of an Android much easier and user friendly then having to go in via the web browser.

    In my opinion, this is a classic example of the Apple culture and childish stubbornness and yet another reason to find an alternative, less restrictive product to use.

  • Have been dying to use the mobile app on my iPhone 4. I’m really hoping it’ll be released before July is done.

  • The mobile webapp is actually pretty slick, but I’ll be grateful for a native iOS app. G+ is proving to be insanely addictive and quite a bit of fun.

  • Until its available on BB or iPad, Google+ is only useful to me as a desktop anchor.

  • I suspect with RIM’s Bing partnership, Google development of any kind on BlackBerry is going to slow down.

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