Dream: Samsung Galaxy S2 Pro – Galaxy S II with QWERTY keyboard

In my recent post on “QWERTY compromise” I figured out (obviously) I’m not the only one craving for a high-end smartphone with huge screen and full QWERTY keyboard. As a matter of fact, most commentators agreed though some said they don’t need the physical keyboard with Swype running on their phone. Point taken, but what about editing documents? Don’t you want to see more text on the screen? I find it natural but then again – I actually do edit documents on my smartphone pretty regularly. That said the physical keyboard would suit my needs and I’m willing to compromise to carry a bit bulkier device around.

Flashback to June 2010 when Sprint announced the Samsung Epic 4G. I thought it’s the best phone ever made. We’ve even heard the European version, dubbed Samsung Galaxy S Pro, will be unveiled shortly, though that never happened. Again (like I said in my previous rant on QWERTY phones), why that’s the case is beyond me.

Later on when I had a chance to actually try out the Epic 4G, I was quickly disappointed with its too flat keyboard. If I can’t feel the buttons with my thumbs, they don’t do me any good – I’ll type slower not faster. Not sure how this “tiny detail” was missed by Samsung engineers…

Back to 2011. During the Mobile World Congress Samsung announced the Galaxy S II (or that’s Galaxy S2) with the idea to repeat the success of the original Galaxy S. As I’m writing this, Sammy’s high-end baby is selling like hot cupcakes throughout Europe and will most likely sell like crazy in the U.S. too (once major operators grab it). Now I want to see the Galaxy S2 Pro (or Galaxy S II Pro). It should have IDENTICAL specs plus great (better than the one on Epic 4G) side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. From your comments I know I’m not the only one who will grab such a device, quite the contrary. Am I right?

  • VS

    I agree.
    I am waiting for Samsung Galaxy S Pro too and I am angry that Samsung did not di it for Europe. Instead is showed some cheaper phones with keaboards. But admit this. Why cheaper phones need a keyboard? For nothing. The users who will baught cheaper phone will not need the keyboard. They will be satisfied with software keyboard.
    The only users who will want the keyboard are the users who will want to buy the best phone. And Samsung did not do it. I am angry for it and looking for other pohones but still there is not a better phone than Galaxy S Pro.
    So I hope too that they will bring us the Samsung Galaxy S II Pro and if the keybora will not be flat and the display will be slided up not in line then there will not be better phone. We will see.

    • Sin8

      You’ve got to be joking! Can you imagine the bulk and size increase a keyboard will present. Why degrade a ultra slim light hand set into a bulky heavy one? If you want a powerful phone with slide-out, there are plenty on the market.

      • Dusan Belic

        Yeah but we’re hoping Samsung’s engineers will manage to make a device that is not that bulky…

      • Njn

        oh ya cuz there r dual core qwerty everywhere i look….. droid 3 is out soon… but till then , or am i forgeting sumthing?

      • GotABelt

        Not all of us are wearing jeans so tight you can see every mole on your lower half and expect to squeeeze a phone in there too!
        Nor are we in the crowd that has to go thru life one handed as the other one is dedicated to holding our pants up and can’t afford the extra weight as it would be too much work.
        Get a holster, or if you’re a gal don’t buy a tiny clutch purse.

  • Anonymous

    This would be my dream phone also!  Well actually, how about the keyboard being more like the Samsung-made Sidekick…. now we’re talkin!  When you consider how well the SGS2 is selling, then surely there would be a market for a pro model!  Pleeeeaaase Samsung!


  • Anonymous

    I’ll take two.

  • Anywhere_2_run

    if it has a keyboard then i’m not only boycotting the phone but also maybe my sprint carrier and getting an iphone…ridiculous just release in the US already

  • Anonymous

    Keyboard, oh, please no! That will be the ultimate kiss of death for me and millions others. It will be better to make two versions, one without and the other with a querty keyboard.

  • Jessica Lowt

    YUK! Why ruin this ultrathin, ultralight phone?  I like the idea of 2 versions best….

    • Dusan Belic

      That’s the idea – to have two versions, one with QWERTY keyboard and one without! Then we’ll all be happy. 🙂

  • Rapids23

    I agree that’s what samsung needs super amo screen real keyboard and good processor, guess we have to settle on my touch slide 4g?

  • RG

    You are definitely not alone! I want it too.

  • Kora

    im also waiting for this!

  • Mwwolf123

    We can only dream!!!

  • Anonymous

    you are a fucking moron. the epic 4g’s qwerty is dope as fuck

  • bat

    Have a look at the droid3, not quite as powerful but should indeed take care of the typing issues along with some decent power and screen size. But a galaxy. S2 would rock and be my choice as well..

  • Wambo

    I would be five on the spot!  Myself, GF and 2 mates love QWERTies and the best we have access too are blackberries or 2 year old plus phones

  • Shakhshir_8998

    Extremely right mate.I am still a big fan of hardware QWERTY keyboards…I cant wait anymore for this masterpiece

  • Snix

    Right right right.  Slide out QWERTY makes us fast computer typers over the tender age of, say 40, much more comfortable!!  If they kill this I might…gulp…go back to Blackberry!

  • I do not like these kind of Hybrid phones 🙂

  • Maurelsylv

    Would be such a relief. I can’t tell you how much time I would save, between my misaims and the device hectic times, plus the tiny line above the virtual crapboard… struggling as I write. I’m waiting for the droid 3 to ship in France but honestly, the ultimate phone so far is called sgs2. It even has got the so precious and rare fonction of hosting usb!!! I mean hello!! Everyphone should be able to do that by now. Anyway, I’m sure if the S2 pro comes out, it will be half the screen size of the regular, for an obvious reason apparently cause every brand does it… still doesn’t make sens to me.
    It’s good to dream

  • Tlf

    you nailed it!!  I found you column trying to fing a case that would carry both the S2 and a bluetooth mini keyboard

  • EU

    The Epic’s keyboard is not flat by any means. Each button is individually raised and offers pleasant feedback with plenty of space between the keys. It is one of the best designed mobile keyboards out there IMO. Are you sure you tried the Epic?

  • Hugger1213

    why wouldn’t samsung have a physical keyboard for the epic touch.  I can’t even find a bluetooth slide out keyboard for that phone.  The are dozens for the iphone.  I guess I’ll wait until I can get the galaxy2  wth a keyboard.  I’ll  just have to stay with my epic until then.

  • Martin lake

    The buttonless phone is a fad – now Google have produced the Jesus of anti productivity devices with a button count of zero…the only thing more faddish would be to put the buttons and a track pad back on and as these guys see progress as synonymous with change then it will be hitting the sweet spot again in about 2013.  Muppets. 

    Basically HTC had it right with the G1 but didn’t have the courage to stick with it as Apple did. 

    On another point – the reason Apple have such a good accessory market is because they keep the hardware design the same. Android OEMS would do well to learn this lesson and give consumers something that will last longer than a year.

  • Simples

    I am sitting here with HTC G1. The first google android phone. It is running Android 1.6 . This phone has bounced down the road after falling from my pocket cycling, dented my wall and been dropped in the sink(still works!). I can call, surf the internet and type fast and efficiently whenever I need. Using a slide-out keyboard is so much better than any touch screen, not just because of the tactile feedback of a button but also because the screen is not compromised when typing. It is way way superior to anything i have seen, oh and a 5 line keyboard is optimal. The G1 is strong, durable and quite heavy. Perfect. Where has the obsession with a lightweight slim line phone come from?I want to be able to feel the phone in my pocket! 

    Everything is moving is an idiotic direction. Rip the keyboard off a laptop and now you have a great product called a Pad then gradually evolve it back into a laptop??? Why oh why do no high end phones miss such a simple easy marketing base. GIVE ME A (5row)SLIDE OUT KEYBOARD on the Galaxy Nexus!!!

  • Ljandrews78

    The Epic 4G is the reason I went to Sprint. I do hope that Samsung has a version in the works with a physical keyboard, as I too do a lot of document writing on my phone. Until then, I will keep to my Epic.

  • Joel

    I loved the Epic 4G and it’s the reason i switched to sprint, I loved nearly everything about it. I really do hope they release a galaxy s II with a full physical qwerty keyboard, It’d be a dream come true.

  • richardjohnm61

    I really don’t know why Samsumg haven’t put a Slide keyboard on the S2 in Europe yet. To be honest it is really doing my head in that they haven’t. This phone has the capability to be the business phone of  the year but Samsung are blowing zillions in sales by not producing a slide keyboard. It would appear that no company seems interested  in taking the business market away from Blackberry. 

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