Motorola Xoom getting Android 3.2, makes SD card usable

Motorola Xoom getting Android 3.2 now

We’ve just heard word that Android 3.2 is currently rolling out to Motorola Xoom users and this finally makes the SD slot usable, as well as adds a new viewing mode for older Android apps.

Google has started rolling out Android 3.2, in phases, to Motorola Xoom users,” a Motorola told CNET.

We’re still waiting on Android 3.2 to land on our Motorola Xoom and we’ll have a full video up when it does. We’ve also heard that it’s only rolling out to the Verizon Motorola Xoom users right now but I’m sure those with the WiFi-only models will be getting it sooner or later.

Android 3.2 should hopefully bring the new zooming mode for old apps, as Google detailed what this means. Essentially, any app that hasn’t been optimized for Android Honeycomb and above will have the ability to stretch to fill the screen or you can zoom in on the app. I don’t expect this to look great but it’s a good enough solution until enough companies get on the Android tablet bandwagon.

Any of you Motorola Xoom users get Android 3.2 yet?

  • Les Smith

    Received my 3.2 update at 11:00 pm in Phoenix on Thursday the 14th. My Xoom is wifi only.

  • Gama Rosado

    Received the update today for my Xoom Wifi 
    Gama-Puerto Rico

  • Redplaty

    Its rolling out to wifi owners first, not 3g. Also it brings read-only functionality to the SD card slot. Maybe Google something first before you write an article about it.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I use Bing 🙂 Nope, you’re right. Heard from a source that Verizon guys would get it first but thanks for the clarity

      • devcon

        Sorry Marin. I think your source got some bad info…

  • devcon

    Got mine today (7/15) on my wi-fi Xoom. About time they finally enabled the SD card slot.

  • Dave

    Got 3.2 on my Xoom today (7/15/11). SD works (as R/O). Only problem so far is that selection of items from a list (directory) just dims the screen and does not open the file or menu option.  This is mostly with video and picture files.  The Android Video app displays the videos on my Xoom, but tapping the video thumbnail just dims the screen and doesn’t open or play the file. But I’m sure Google/Xoom will get this resolved soon.  I did find that OI Explorer works by tap and hold to display options.  The option Videoplayer will then offer a second choice of video player, such as gallery, and the video will play.  Kind of the long way around the barn, but workd for now.  MPlayer does NOT work.

  • Anonymous

    Got the update on 7/15/11 here in Bethel, Alaska.

  • Dsad

    Got it!

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