Mail-in rebates coming back to Sprint on July 24th?

I guess we’ll have the need for improved cash-flow to blame for Sprint’s decision to get back to mail-in rebates. I can’t think of any other reason for partially killing instant rebates, which are a much better solution as far as end users are concerned.

According to SprintFeed, the CDMA/WiMAX carrier will return to mail-in rebates on July 24th. However, these will work only with phones that cost under $150, which means the high-end smartphones won’t be affected.

It is said that rebates will come in the form of an American Express Prepaid Reward Card loaded with the amount of your rebate, which is usually $50. Once you purchase the phone, you’ll get the card in around 8 weeks and have up to 6 years to spend that cash. However, if you don’t spend all the money within 6 months, a $3 monthly fee will go into effect…

We all hate rebates, but I guess they are needed to solidify carriers’ financial positions. What do you think?

  • Personally I liked the check more, because it was as good as CASH in my bank account. Gift Cards suck because you can only buy materials with it, not recoup the cash, unless of course you do what I do and run it through your Square Inc card reader, and take a 2.75% transaction fee. Which Ill make due with over no mail in rebate at all.

    I think that phones that are UNDER $150 shouldnt have any rebate at all, its already cheap enough, and why are people buying stupid phones anyway and then asking for rebates? If there is a rebate it should be mail in rebate for cheap phones. Phones that are $199+ should have instant rebates attached.

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