Verizon clearing iPhone 4 accessories for next-gen model?

Because Apple didn’t announce an iPhone this summer, as it usually does, we’ve found ourselves in a frenzy of rumors. Verizon is reportedly discounting iPhone 4 accessories and bundles to clear out inventory and make way for accessories for the iPhone 5. If you’re in the market for some new toys for your Verizon-branded Apple smartphone, now would be the time to go on a spree.

PhoneArena reports:

A trustworthy tipster of ours let us know that Verizon has started discounting certain accessory bundles for the iPhone 4, which, it turns out, usually means that they’re phasing their inventory out, in order to get ready for the new handset. After that, our person says, we should expect them to lower the prices of single accessory offerings, which should mean that the iPhone 4 is really reaching its EOL (at least as far as being the prime iPhone).

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be launching some time in September, and since we’re heading right into August, it makes sense for retailers to start considering clearing out accessories and other related iPhone 4 stock. Of course, this information comes from an anonymous tipster, so definitely take the news with a grain of salt.

If you bought the iPhone 4 when it launched for Verizon, are you going to ride out your contract? Or will you pony up for the next-generation model so that you can continue rocking the latest and greatest? Feel free to let us know!



  • Scvparadise

    Riding it out.I love my iPhone 4. I can wait another year before upgrading to the newest and greatest iPhone. The iPhone does everything I need. It works as an iPod, get and send emails, surf the web and oh it also is a phone 🙂  Apple Rocks

  • I’m sure they’ll tweak the iphone 5 design just enough so you need a whole new set of accessories to fit!

  • iphone 5 will have new design for sure thats the reason push companies to sell old stock.  I am waiting for iphone 5 release date from last year.

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