Apple launching iPhone 5 in October?

We’ve been expecting the iPhone 5 to launch this September, hopefully coinciding with the release of iOS 5. All rumors point towards a September launch, but a new rumor sets it in October. It makes a little bit of sense if Apple plans to hold its usual music event in September as it did last year, and perhaps it wants to give the iPhone 5 its own show and event.

AllThingsD reports:

Sources with knowledge of the situation say reports claiming AT&T has blacked out employee vacations during the last two weeks of September in preparation for the retail debut of the next iPhone are misinformed.

“I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch,” a source familiar with Apple’s plans said.

So when can we expect the company to uncrate the iPhone 5?

According to its source, October is the month for the iPhone 5 launch. While it’s only two months away, the wait seems to grow even longer as rumored launch dates or months seem to get pushed out even further. Of course, we haven’t had the slightest hint from Apple, so the rumor mill will continue to grind and churn until then.

No details about the iPhone 5’s hardware or design were given, but we’ve learned from previous rumors that it will have the 1GHz, dual-core A5 processor found in the iPad 2, an 8MP camera with a dual-LED flash, dual GSM/CDMA capabilities and a completely new design.

Historically, Apple has launched its new smartphones in the summer, but this year there was no word of a new model of the iPhone. Some believe that it had to do with the launch of the Verizon iPhone being so close to summer, though I doubt that’s the reason. Current Apple smartphone users with the latest model have had to wait more than one year to upgrade, which is probably the longest period of time an early adopter has had to go before a new iPhone. Are you running out of patience yet?

  • this same “analyst ” said september back a couple of months ago lol

    • Anonymous

      Analysts say the darndest things!

  • Who cares…
    Rumors never stop!
    Im enjoyable with my iPhone 4 now, big relaxation for me on the flight to watch video&movies though need do some converting with handbrake and ifunia, surfing…
    To the iPhone 5, let the rumors fly on the sky, I would like to wait till it is released, if it is stunned~ …:D

  • frustrated3g

    YES, I am running out of patience. I love my iphone (3g, bought two weeks before they release the 3Gs – Grrrr!) but my two year contract ran out in May and I have been patiently waiting for the Ip5
    If I do not have a definate release date by the beginning of September then I will be walking away. Sad to say, but true!!

  • David Rainsford

    I have an iphone 3.  The contract ran out & I’ve been waiting for the 5.   But I’m now growing impatient & starting to consider an android phone.   a lot of my friends have made the switch already.

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