Study says 67% of BlackBerry owners planning to switch to iPhone

Piper Jaffray recently wrapped up some research on smartphone adoption, revealing that 67% of BlackBerry owners were going to switch to an iPhone next, with only 26% sticking with RIM. By contrast, 94% of iPhone owners were going to get an Apple handset again, while 42% of Android owners would be continuing with the OS for their next phone. None of that is too surprising considering other data pointing to the popularity of the looming iPhone 5. Now, keep in mind that the sample size for this study was relatively small (216), and concentrated on smartphone owners in Minneapolis, so it hardly proves a global trend. Still, the sentiment is hard to ignore in the U.S., especially when previous studies on smartphone OS loyalty have turned up similar results. Needless to say, BlackBerry has some stiff competition in keeping their users with tempting Android and iOS alternatives available.

Despite Android flagging behind iOS loyalty, Google’s mobile OS currently owns a healthy chunk of market share, and the wealth of hardware options may keep them up there. Sill, Apple is making a ton of money selling upper-end handsets, and I think both iOS and Android will be winners in the long run. For RIM’s sake, here’s hoping the next breed of OS 7 devices changes popular opinion on BlackBerry. Do you guys think this data is accurate? Do you plan on sticking with your current smartphone OS for your next purchase?

[via BusinessInsider]

  • zacamandapio

    I’m  happy to be part of the 26%.  And my next device will be the 9900.

    • Hi @Zacamandapio,

      Douglas from RIM here.  Today is your lucky day!  The Bold 9900 is on its way, along with four other new smartphones running the new BlackBerry 7 OS. Check out the specs here when you have a chance:

      Also, to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest BlackBerry and PlayBook news, keep an eye on our Inside BlackBerry Blog:


      Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

  • Anonymous

    I just paid $ 23.86 for an iPhone and my girlfriend loves her Dell laptop that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 42 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 665 which only cost me $ 62,81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from,

  • Leroy Farted

    I am sticking with BlackBerry. The new wider 9930 is going to be tactile heaven. I can just pair it with my PlayBook if I “need” to surf the net.

    • brand loyalty is bullshit I go with whoever has the best devices period smart ppl are loyal to no one brand but only the best clearly that’s NOT blackberry

      • Leroy Farted

        It’s not about “brand loyalty”, Quintus, although I am familiar with BB, I considered a Droid before I bought my Bold. I am not some time wasting gamer who needs a pocketful of electronic sunshine to pass the time away when those tedious moments of boredom may arise. I am self employed and I use my mobile device for profit, not for playing with apps. The purpose of my mobile device is to make my time more productive. BB is the best for me. With the seven inch PB in tow, I can play product videos for my clients or look up product spec sheets online with significant clarity and BB bridge lets me do that without adding data cost and the seven inch PB tablet is perfect in my document case. My iphone and android wielding contemporaries like to remind me of the lack of BB apps, but they don’t have anything that I don’t have or need. 

        Also, I don’t buy electronics just because something newer,faster or supposedly better has come out. I bought my Bold for it’s functionality in professional communication, which still serves me well, something the touchscreen Droid and iphone was lacking, in my opinion. It’s not as fast of a browser or as large of a screen, but that’s not the purpose of my mobile.

        My work computer is a PC and my home laptop is a MacBook Pro. My website is in drupal and on an ubuntu/linux server. So, as you can tell, I choose my products by their ability to get the job done, not because of “brand loyalty bullshit” as you felt the need to accuse me of in your reply. Obviously, you don’t understand why BB users use RIM’s professional products, but I suppose when all you’re gonna do is use ifart, post on facebook and tweet, then the large screen Androids and iphones are what’s most important to you. 

        I bet teh other smart PPL on teh interwebz tell you what products are  “clearly best” for everybody and you just go out and buy it -just cos they said so.

        You can take your “brand loyalty” accusation and stick it up your app.

  • You don’t mention the age ranges of the participants of the study?

  • Tim

    You’re reading the survey wrong, how can more people (139) than total owners of  blackberry (61),  select iphone as next iphone, in any case this survey doesn’t provide any specific raw data on the number of blackberry owners switching to iphone (which is high I don’t doubt), the 64% is about total owners of smartphones.

    • Mayaap

      Wow, so many people were posting/talking about this survey and warning how RIM is going to lose 67% of it’s customers to Apple in 5 years. These idiots do not understand
      1: The sample size is (216 participants) not sigfincant enough to make any conclusion
      2. Tim is right, please count your numbers and double check before calling you survey a valid one
      3. These people were be picked from same location ( Minneapolis) – Please do ramdom sampling  when doing a survey : Basic step in surveying
      4. Shame on Piper Jaffray for doing a survey without following even basic steps. Did you send someone with a history major for this
      5. Shame on the people who take their own time to post this survey eventhough they know it is done incorrectly

  • Can’t wait to rid myself of this Blackberry nightmare!!:(  Can’t go wrong with a Android or Apple smartphone!

  • For the teenagers the only phone thats in my brothers high school are blackberry. His Samsung Galaxy 4G is “looked down’ on.

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