HTC buys Dashwire to bolster cloud services in Sense

HTC to buy Dashwire to bolster cloud services

HTC plans to make its Sense UI much more cloud-friendly with the $18.5 million purchase of the cloud-service provider Dashwire.

“Cloud services are key to delivering the promise of connected services to our customers,” said Fred Liu, HTC president of engineering and operations, in a prepared statement. “People want access to all of their important content wherever they are on any device,” he added.

The Dashwire team was responsible for multiple cloud services for mobile phones, including the aptly named Awesome Drop. This is a cloud-based file syncing program which has the neat ability to let you drag and drop files in a browser to have it sync to your Android phone. It’s a very “Wow” moment when you do it the first time.

What will the deal mean for HTC? Well, the handset maker has been purchasing or investing in companies left and right to be able to offer more services on its phones. The Saffron purchase led to the HTC Watch video service and I’m eager to see how the OnLive investment will turn out because I can’t wait to be able to play console-style games on my tablets and phones.

[Via The Register]

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