ITC to hear Apple patent complaints against HTC

Apple is continuing its battle against HTC, and this time the International Trade Commission, or the ITC, is reviewing five patent complaints from the iPhone maker. According to Reuters, Apple is claiming that HTC “HTC infringed five patents related to software architecture and user interfaces in portable electronic devices, hardware for touch screens and movement sensors.”

In June, the ITC found that HTC was infringing on two Apple patents out of the 10 brought against it by the iPhone maker. If these proceedings work in Apple’s favor, HTC may be facing an import ban on its Android products, which are essentially its bread and butter. Google has said that it will defend and support its hardware partners, and has accused Apple, not without irony, that it is bent on suing its competitors rather than innovating.

Meanwhile, HTC says that it will challenge or make an appeal to last month’s findings, and will continue to defend its own technologies and products. However, the Taiwanese company is also open to the possibility of a settlement with Apple, hoping that the iPhone maker will come to an agreement or possibly a licensing deal.

What do you think? Is Apple fair and only protecting its patents and technologies, or is it using this as an opportunity to attack its competitors? Let us know what you think!

[Via: Reuters, photo]

  • Openess and Freedom FTW

  • Sfwoods1

    I think Apple has every right to go after companies that come from behind with technology in hand and just simply copy what is already been done. Millions, if not billions of dollars have been spent to conceptualize and produce new technologies! For some company to just come in and copy the technology should not go unpunished. A lot of Apple products have revolutionized the way we live! Since day one, starting with a Seattle software company, others have just taken Apples ideas/technology and mass produced a lesser version without all the overhead. The whole idea of having patents is to protect a company/individual who conceptualizes a technology and then spends the money to produce the idea or product.

    I think Apple has every right to go after those who ride on their coat tails. These companies would not be attacked, if they had actually come up with their own ideas and not copied the ideas of others before them! It comes down to fair play.

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