Will the Motorola Droid Bionic be worth all the hype?

The wait for the Motorola Droid Bionic is finally coming to an end, and Verizon’s first dual-core LTE phone will soon be upon us. The handset has garnered quite the following since we first saw it back in January and even the massive redesign didn’t seem to sway interest for the Bionic. Can the Bionic hold onto the hype once the smoke has cleared and it’s officially available to the world or was the hype all in the wait?

I’m not going to tell you that the Bionic will flop at all. No, the handset will likely do just fine in sales, but I do question whether people are actually genuinely excited about this Motorola product, or if it’s because this particular product has the guts most people have been looking for: a combination of an LTE radio and a dual-core processor. I’m going to go with the latter.

Single core is so last year and ever since the release of the Thunderbolt, many people have been looking forward to the first dual-core LTE phone, something Motorola promised eight months ago. But with delay after delay, will the Bionic deliver when it finally debuts?

This is still a Motorola phone we’re talking about and that means that we can expect a couple of things out of the gate. Number one being Motoblur, the custom UI that really butchers the experience of the phone. We’re not going to get into it that much here, though. Another thing we can expect from the Bionic, If history repeats itself,  is that it will ship with the same display type as the Photon and the Droid X 2, which hinders the clarity of the qHD screen significantly.  We’ll have to wait on the latter, but both Motoblur and the Pentile displays have become a given when it comes to Motorola phones, lately. (Droid-Life breaks down the Droid X 2’s display rather well here)

The newly redesigned Bionic got some hands-on love recently, and we were surprised to see that the handset itself didn’t seem to shave much weight off. This is likely due to the LTE radio, which still needs to mature before you’ll see smaller handsets but the Bionic is still a chunker. The redesign itself basically involved taking another handset’s design and using that instead of going back to the drawing board for the Bionic. Judging from the pictures below, the Bionic looks like a thicker Droid X 2, and nothing more.

If the majority of the hype behind the Droid Bionic is mostly due to its LTE/dual-core CPU combo, then the hype will be short-lived. According to the leaked Verizon roadmap, the Samsung Stratosphere should launch the same day, and there’s a good chance that it’s the U.S. version of the Galaxy S 2, which ships with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. With more than one dual-core/LTE option available on launch day, we’ll soon see if the Droid Bionic really got it right, or if it got it right at the time.

So if you’re interested in the Droid Bionic, what’s the main draw for you?  Could a device with similar specs sway you, or are you dead set on the Bionic?


  • Steve H.

    I’ve waited sooo long now for the Bionic I can wait a little longe to see it in person and decided if all the features are worth the price.  If not I will probably spend about the same mondey for an iPhone 5.

  • I think the hype is wasted.  Too many uber forum nerds are praising this thing like its the 2nd coming of Tom Cruiese.  I call overhyped on this one.  Personally I’m waiting on more definitive info on the Nexus “Prime”.  As far as I’m concerned a nexus phone usually sets the standard for features and software when it comes to android devices.

    • Anonymous

      I think if had really landed in early summer time, I’d be all over the Bionic but now I’m getting a bit of wander lust. 

  • me and bionic? maybe. the author got it right for me – my paying attention is because of the dual core and lte. so I’ll play with it.

  • ShanikuaKnowws

    This phone sucks. Samsung Galaxy S II is way better.

    • So you have an opinion about two phones that aren’t even out yet?  We don’t even know if the SGSII will be 4g LTE or not.  We don’t know what the American versions of the SGSII will be like.   

    • So you have an opinion about two phones that aren’t even out yet?  We don’t even know if the SGSII will be 4g LTE or not.  We don’t know what the American versions of the SGSII will be like.   

      • sgs2fan4lyfe

        do a little research on the sgs2 because there was a version with the 4g chip operating at 800 mhz instead of verizon’s 700 mhz in Korea…that coupled with the fact that the sgs2 wouldn’t want to take a step backwards and possibly be outdone by the charge on LTE almost guarantees that the sgs2 will be LTE. I’m getting whichever one comes out first though but if they’re out the same day I will be flipping a coin.

    • Mikewong27

      Samsung have the worst software and OS support in the world!!!  Just look at the original Galaxy S phones….  took too long for Samsung to release froyo for Captivate in the U.S…  Never purchase another Samsung product!!!

      • Anonymous

        Oh, you mean the most popular Android handset family to ever exist?

  • T_R_M

    I’m getting the Bionic just because I’ve waited so damn long for it. If it doesn’t stand up to the hype it will be my last Moto. I fell for the Moto-Q also; had three failures in 30 days.

  • I’m excited about the high end smartphones coming out in September and October.  We know the Bionic will be the first dual core LTE phone to come out per the Motorola’s CEO.  So with the Stratosphere and Vigor coming out, the question is whether of not they will be 4g LTE.  

  • J_Acura

    I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this phone since I saw it on YouTube back in January. I’ve heard great things and I’ve heard bad things. I honestly think I will end up getting this phone regardless. I’ve had 2 Motorola smartphones on Verizon (Droid, Droid X) and they have served me perfectly. Never had any problems with them. The only thing I would wonder about this phone is will it be receiving the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update? I’ve even heard rumors that Motorola has been pushing the Bionic back so that it can roll it out with Android 2.4 instead of Gingerbread. Anyone know or hear anything similar?

    • J_Acura

      I meant 4.0 not 2.4

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