Samsung Galaxy Tab EU ban lifted, except in Germany

Victory for Samsung! The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which Apple has accused of being a copy of its iPad tablet, can now go on sale in Europe except in Germany. The two companies have been suing each other for patents and design over the past few months, and it seemed like Apple was gaining the upper hand. When we learned that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned in Europe, we also discovered that Apple might have been attempting to do the same to the Motorola Xoom.

According to PC World:

“It is not clear if the court can forbid a company based in Korea to sell its products in other countries than Germany,” said a spokesman at the Düsseldorf district court Tuesday.

Samsung filed an objection against the prior injunction on Monday, stressing the difference between Samsung GmbH in Germany and Samsung Korea. On Tuesday the Düsseldorf court said that while Samsung GmbH, the company’s German affiliate, may not trade in Galaxy Tabs outside Germany, Samsung Korea can.

This is good news for Samsung and its users, especially those who have been wanting the new Android tablet since its announcement. Google, maker of the Android platform, says that it will fight Apple and defend its hardware partners against these frivolous lawsuits. Google said ironically that Apple was too busy suing its competitors rather than innovating.

Recently, we learned that Google is planning to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in an effort to thwart Apple and would-be legal assailants. By acquiring Motorola, Google is also picking up 17,000 new patents, with 7,000 more in the pipeline under review. In the event that legal matters should come up, the Android maker can just dip into its newly acquired well of patents to defend itself.

It’s not all butterflies and sunshine for Samsung, however:

However, Samsung and its tablet aren’t free of legal proceedings yet. Neither Samsung in Korea nor its German subsidiary are allowed to sell the product in Germany.

The case is due back in court on Aug. 25, when Samsung is set to explain why its tablet should be allowed to go on sale in Germany, as well.

Cross your fingers for the Korean manufacturer when it goes to explain its case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as Apple isn’t going to relent.

[Via: PC World]

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    Great. Banning for size of tablets. Why not ban all PCs having same screen size as apple’s?

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