Best Buy ordered 270,000 HP TouchPads thinking they’d sell them all, turns out they only sold 25,000

Best Buy, one of America’s largest brick and mortar stores supplying consumers with home and portable electronics, videogames, and just about anything else that runs on electricity, is rumored to have taken order of roughly 270,000 units of the HP TouchPad. Despite the new permanent $100 price cut, and the software updates that have gone out to make webOS feel a little less s-t-t-t-uttery, they’ve only managed to sell 25,000 of them. These figures aren’t just pulled out of a random person’s ass either, they were gathered by the folks at AllThingsD, a blog that’s owned and operated by The Wall Street Journal. According to them there’s a second source they’ve spoken to that says the 25,000 figure is “charitable” at best since it doesn’t include how many people went back to the store to get a refund. Putting this all together, it’s safe to say that not only is the TouchPad a failure, but so is webOS, because no one really cares how much “potential” it has. People want working, functional products. This jives well with a recent report from DigiTimes that says tablet makers are likely “to cut price to digest inventory overstock”, and that as we get closer to the holiday shopping season we may see troves of tablets marked down to as little as $299.

Now some of you will argue that HP can spin this around and start lisencing webOS out to companies looking to differentiate themselves. Say that sentence aloud and realize how it’s complete horse shit because consumers don’t want different. They want a solid product with apps, not a corporate experiment. There’s a reason why the iPad is where it is today, especially after Google rushed Honeycomb out to market, purposefully forking Android to make a dedicated tablet operating system so they don’t lose share to Apple.

We’ll see how things change in 2011, but at this point we’ve got no confidence in HP. None.


Update: Just 24 hours after writing this article, HP decided to kill webOS.

  • Guest

    Not sure if this happened in the States or not but at Futureshop, HP gave each employee a chance to grab the Touchpad @ $122 for the 16GB or $150 for the 32GB. We were only allowed one per employee 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Too many tablet OSes wont survive and this one looks like the second casualty after the playbook (I think it flopped, right?). Its like you either have Windows, Mac or Linux. The tablet equivalent of that is iOS, Android and xxx and there are too many contenders wanting to fill up the xxx space.

  • people know old tech went they see it specialy crap tech 

  • Prdamrican

    The part I don’t understand is this:  270,000 units / 1500 stores = 180 units per store.  The couple of stores I visited only seemed to have a few of them (and they were not pushing them very hard IMO).  

    So, 25000 units / 1500 stores = 16.7 units per store… which seems more in line with reality, unfortunately.

    • Jon Garrett

      And that my friend is the reason why they’re not selling.  I live in NYC and I visit 3 Best Buy stores regularly.  86th Street in Manhattan, 14th Street in Manhattan and Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

      At all 3 stores, the sales people there are mostly young, dont know squat about the products they sell and dont really seem enthusiastic at all about their jobs.

      Ive seen on dozens of occasions where customers would ask these people for assistance and Ive been shocked at what Ive witnessed.

      HP should send representatives to each and every store that carries their tablet and see for themselves how they are neglected.

  • Anonymous

    Glad that I got my Asus Eee pad transformer… loving it!!!  Now it’s a lot more stable after Android 3.2 update!!!  Can’t wait for Ice Cream Sandwich to come out.

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