Infographics: The iPhone evolution

Inforgraphics: The iPhone evolution

Apple has gone a long way from January 9, 2007 when the first iPhone was officially announced. During the years, the Cupertino-based company introduced updated versions of its smartphone and at the time I’m writing this, the iPhone 4 is still selling pretty darn well. Not in huge volumes, but the reason is that the next iPhone should be unveiled in less than a month. And while we still don’t have the official specs sheet of the iPhone 5, that doesn’t stop us from speculating, using all of the leaked data gathered so far. As a result, we decided to show you the road Apple has taken to change the mobile industry (and make its shareholders super happy).

Only four iPhone models have been unveiled thus far, each of which was a smashing hit for the company. We’ve no doubts the iPhone 5 will repeat the success even though it faces some tough competition (as illustrated in our previous chart)…

The iPhone evolution - infographics

And if you need an even bigger image – you can get it from here.

  • Gustavo Chacón B.

    iPhone 5 with 4 inch cannot be Retina Display because pixels per inch amount.

  • Stephen

    If you do the math (according to engadget’s lcd recent article) (640 x 640) + (960 x 960)= 1331200 then square root = 1153 then divide by the screen of the screen in this case 4 = 288  This indicate the ppi… if all holds true expect the new iphone 5 to have a ppi of 288

    • Gustavo Chacón B.

      Yes, 288ppi is not equal to 326ppi of iPhone 4 (3.5 inch).

    • Gustavo Chacón B.

      Yes, 288ppi is not equal to 326ppi of iPhone 4 (3.5 inch).

  • Thomas Davis

    Less infographic more chart with images.

  • TechZoom.Org

    Nice Info-graphics about iPhone. Thanks a ton Dusan.
    PS: I just noticed the image filename starts with z. lol. I follow that trend sometimes when I save not-so-important or soon-to-be-deleted type images. do u too? 🙂

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