New leaked version of Android Market brings +1 button and PIN code option for purchases

It wasn’t long ago that we first saw the new Android Market grace our presence and become available for download. Well, there’s a new version in town that brings a couple of new tweaks that are more than welcomed and that some people have been waiting for.

Likely a highly requested feature that’s been added to the Android Market is that you now have the option to use a PIN number to confirm your purchases.  This will keep your thieving, sticky-fingered children from buying 80 applications under your nose, and just give you an extra security measure that’s likely won’t be getting any complaints from anyone.

Another nifty addition to the latest build of the Android Market, which happens to be version 3.1.3, is that you can now +1 an application. While some may believe the rating and review system is good enough, big G obviously thought otherwise. We like the addition of the +1 button, as it extends behind the Market and you can see the apps others have +1 by checking out their Google+ profile.

With October getting closer, hopefully we’ll begin to see a few more leaks other than the new Market. Ice Cream Sandwich is right around the corner and believe us when we say that we can almost taste the Nexus Prime already.

Feel free to download and install the new version of the Android Market below. A rooted devices isn’t required and the only prerequisite is that ” Unknown Sources” needs to be checked in the Settings>Applications menu.

Download the new Market here!

[Via: AndroidPolice]

  • Dcmille290

    I’ve got v 2.2 Froyo on a new Captivate. Build is UCKB2, and I don’t have the option of adding “unknown sources.”  Of course this is an ATT phone…….issue?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, that’s an AT&T thing. Not sure how, but I know there are certain ways to sideload apps on AT&T phones.

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