Verizon says no thanks to Samsung Galaxy S II, but has similar model in the pipeline

If you’ve been aching and yearning for a Samsung Galaxy S II, but you’re also a Verizon customer, you can pretty much forget it. The carrier has reportedly passed on the Android smartphone in favor of something similar to it. The specifications of the phone in question are reportedly similar or near-identical to those on the Galaxy S II, but will perhaps be branded differently (maybe DROID?).

BGR has learned:

BGR has confirmed with multiple trusted sources that this is accurate — Samsung will not unveil a Verizon-branded GALAXY S II smartphone next week at its New York City launch event on August 29th. Instead, Samsung will take the wraps off of GALAXY S II handsets that will soon launch on T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T.

Even though Verizon isn’t picking up the Samsung Galaxy S II as is, it doesn’t mean that it won’t have a comparable smartphone. There is no way that it’s going to let AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile run away with such a good Android smartphone. In our own review, we thought that it was an excellent handset and are glad to see that it is hitting the U.S. soon.

Maybe if you cross your fingers hard enough, we’ll get a Galaxy S II for Verizon with LTE and easy on battery life. It couldn’t hurt to dream, right?

  • Red_hotstreetglide

    I waited and waited on the Droid bionic with promises of upgrades “that would make it worth the wait” and they stick us with the same phone that they promised in january with some bs upgrades that not many care about and keep the 1ghz dual core and still want to charge 300 bucks for something that is already outdated.  Now I had my hopes set for the galaxy s2 because lets face it even though it has been out a while overseas it still 1 ups the bionic.  Then verizon decides to not offer the galaxy s2.  Verizon you need to stop sucking motorolas short and stubby and realize they have already costed you customers when you let your competitors release 4g dual core phones before you, and now everyone else is getting the s2 (the best selling android phone around) and you give motorola a company that has made you wait and hurt business a chance for some exclusive time.  Maybe the share holders should consider a change in CEO!!!

    • Red_hotstreetglide

      One more thing,  What was the last phone verizon said no thanks to?    (jeopardy music playing during a short intermission)   yes that is correct the IPHONE.  how did that work out for ya.  then when you finally have a chance and decide to get on board its too late.

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