Samsung bada SDK 2.0 is out!

Samsung has finally released bada SDK 2.0 for all developers — not just select ones. At the moment, not a single phone runs bada 2.0 but that will be changed soon with the upcoming Wave 3 which we caught in the Samsung Unpacked app, when we think the Wave II would also get the same treatment (at least that leaked ROM make us believe that). And while we wonder whether the world needs yet another mobile OS, Samsung seems confident it does.

If you recall, Bada 2.0 will bring a number of improvements to the platform, including fancier UI, NFC support, mobile ads, text-to-speech and more. We’ll definitely have all the answers from the floor of IFA in Berlin next week.

In the meantime, check out Samsung’s official Bada 2.0 video, demonstrating the key features of the new platform. It’s a 4-minute long clip so you can handle it even without a snack or coffee. Enjoy! 😉

[Via: SamsungHub]

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