HP TouchPad gets a taste of CyanogenMod ROM

What could be better than a HP TouchPad for stupid cheap? How about an operating system that has a lot more apps and features and a development community just aching to get it running on anything possible? That’s exactly what’s happened and below you can see the TouchPad running the most popular custom Android ROM, CyanogenMod.

Many people ran out and bought a TouchPad as soon as they dropped in price for the sole possibility that one day it may run Android. While jumping on board for something so geeky is humorous, it’s not completely stupid. The Android development community is an interesting and geeky bunch that should be taken seriously when it comes to getting their favorite flavor of Linux up and running on mobile device.

Sure, having Android on the TouchPad is great but it’s definitely nice to see that CyanogenMod has made its way to the flopped tablet. It looks like the CM team is looking to bring TouchPad users a multiboot option, which would allow them to switch between WebOS and Android whenever they want. We’d just like someone to be able to port the Card UI on WebOS to Android, as WebOS offers very little else that would be worth using.

It will likely take a while before CyanogenMod becomes completely stable, (hell, I’m still waiting for my G2X to get a stable build) and the project likely isn’t going to take much more precedence over another. There will be a few developers always working on the project but these things take time and you’ll likely have a very buggy CM ROM on your TouchPad for some time. Still, that’s better than nothing, or WebOS, apparently.

Check out the video below to see the CyanogenMod/TouchPad goodness.

Anyone wish they had jumped on the TouchPad now?

[Via: PCMag]

  • Jomamalacoco

    The G2x CM is COMPLETELY stable. Not sure what that uncalled for jab was a bout. Unless your using that old ass RC for June and not a recent nightly, that would explain alot…and alot about you!

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