iPhone ‘N94’ pics leak, it could be the iPhone 4S

Well, what do we have here? Several iPhone “N94″ parts photos leaked on Monday, backing up rumors that Apple will announce a low-cost iPhone 4S when it officially releases the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks. What you’ll notice in the picture is a similar look and form factor to the original iPhone 4, which is supposedly from an “engineering verification test” made in March of this year. If you look closely, the only change is a small circular grill that’s positioned just above the earpiece speaker and camera.

Engadget points out that the new N94 face panel looks very similar to the webcam LED indicator on Apple’s Mac computers, which would be a welcome addition to the iPhone, especially since most Android phones have sported this feature seemingly forever.

If this picture represents what Apple had in my mind for changing the front panel, we must realize that in the tech world, March seems like eons ago, so this new design could have been modified or abandoned all together. A separate model, the N97, has reportedly already hit the design verification stage and is rumored to offer a camera lens provided by Sony. Regardless, Apple is sure to have people in a frenzy when it finally reveals its new devices some time in October.

[via Engadget]


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