Sprint to its employees: Stay mum on iPhone rumors

If you recall, we’ve already mentioned that Sprint may get to carry the upcoming iPhone 5. And while we don’t have this 100% confirmed, we do have a leaked memo from the carrier, instructing its employees to remain mum on the iPhone rumors. As far as I can tell, getting a “no comment” from a Sprint’s salesperson only pours gasoline on top of this story. What’s more, if you push hard to get some answer from the sales guy or gal, he or she will gently tell you to check out the official newsroom where all the press releases reside.

Even the potential of selling the Apple iPhone is a big thing for Sprint when it needs special instructions to address rumors. Perhaps it’s the Cupertino boys who require this as part of the NDA, who knows?

In any case, we do look forward to see the iPhone 5 launched across a number of carriers. Can’t wait. 🙂

[Via: SprintFeed]

  • I’d say that’s pretty standard practice that doesn’t really mean anything. Don’t try and confirm something that you have no idea about.

  • Trdracer21

    iphone 5 suck gonna be the same WATCH just minor tweaks like the past years!!

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