Rumors say the next Apple iPhone will have a metal back and a smaller screen than anticipated

By this time next month we’ll know either: 1) The exact specifications of Apple’s next generation iPhone, including pricing information and availability or 2) The date when Apple plans to unveil said iPhone. Until either of those two events happen however, it’s going to be rumor madness until the final moment. The latest iPhone rumor, courtesy of Taiwanese news site Digitimes, who has an above average track record of getting these things right, says that the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S, whatever it’s going to be called, will have a metal back, replacing the fragile glass that many iPhone 4 users have accidentally destroyed, this writer included. It’s also now been predicted that the next iPhone will have a screen that measures no more than 3.7 inches diagonal, shattering the hopes of those who were expecting a 4 inch screen. If these bits of speculation turn out to be true, then expect a lot of people to continue living contently with their iPhone 4, and remain hopeful that the iPhone 6 will be an upgrade that’s more worthy of their hard earned money.

That being said, there’s going to be plenty of exciting devices coming out between now and the end of the year. Verizon will be the king of Android smartphones packing 4G LTE, Sprint will likely be selling the same devices Verizon will offer, but with WiMAX instead of LTE, AT&T will of course be introducing their first 4G LTE smartphones, T-Mobile will be getting a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II that should take full advantage of their 42 Mbps HSPA+ network, and let’s not forget the best news of all: There’s going to be a new Nexus!

The Nexus Prime will likely be the most competent competitor to the next iPhone, and from what’s been leaked so far it’s got a superior spec sheet. We still don’t know what the next version of Android is going to bring to the table though, so … yea, you’re not going to be starved for choice this holiday shopping season.

  • Sales Manager

    on day 1 apple is going to sell 8 billion iphones 5’s easily even at 1500 per phone it is sooo cheap

  • sojuz

    Metal back? That sucks, Nokia is using graphene already.

    • ummm … what? which model? (being sarcastic here, they don’t have any devices on the market using it)

      • sojuz

        No? You sure? I thought most phones were already using graphene as opposed to metal cases which are so rare that you can actually call it a feature!

        • I’m as sure as sure can be. Show me a phone that has a case made out of graphene and I’ll admit that I’ve been misinformed.

        • Graphene_Researcher

          Graphene has never been intended to replace metal cases on phones. The main advantage graphene has for cellphones is that it is a transparent flexible conductor, meaning it can soon be used as the conducting material for touchscreens in phones. Samsung has been making good progress towards this, but no phones on the market have graphene technology yet. 

  • Trdracer21

    iphone 5- ipod touch

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