Verizon offers up early upgrades in preparation for new phones

We have good news if you’re a Verizon subscriber. Verizon is offering an early upgrade to many of its customers, giving subscribers a chance to take advantage of the beastly phones slated for this fall. The carrier began sending e-mails to customers to alert them to the change, according to Mobiledia. So, if you’re a Verizon customer eligible for a new phone in September, an early upgrade would be at your disposal, and Big Red is also rewarding others who would have had to wait until May 2012. Not bad if you want to sign your life away for another two years, right?

If you’ve upgraded a phone before, then you know most carriers allow for subscribers to become eligible for an upgrade every 20 months. With this Verizon email going out, we have no idea about which requirements are needed for this promotion, so it’s unclear how Verizon selected which customers would receive the reward.

This news shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise; carriers usually get upgrade happy in preparation for the holidays because the cream of the crop always launch around this time of the year. Such a “reward program” is tempting when so many kick-ass phones are releasing, like the iPhone 5, the Motorola Droid Bionic, the LG Revolution 2, HTC Vigor and the Droid Prime.

Which phone do you plan on upgrading to?

[via Forbes]

  • Ramirezjake91

    Does anyone know when Verizon will start sending out the early upgrades? I’m wanting to get the Droid bionic but I have to wait till 2012

    • Jimbo Wood

      I get renew every 1 because I am the primary account holder. You may be able to get a separate account then merge back over if you aren’t.  

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