Samsung insists it isn’t going to buy webOS

When we heard that HP was killing off webOS, it was a sad day for fans of beautiful interfaces and design. And for straight up fans of webOS. However, there was a glimmer of hope when rumors that Samsung would buy the platform started kicking around. Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but it looks like it’s a no go for Sammy and the beautiful operating system.

Bloomberg reports:

The South Korean company will “never” pursue such a deal, Chief Executive Officer Choi Gee Sung said in Berlin, where he’s attending the IFA consumer electronics fair. The comment, made to reporters in response to questions about analysts’ speculation of a possible purchase, was confirmed by Nam Ki Yung, a spokesman for Samsung in Seoul.

“It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,” Choi said. Samsung, which has its own mobile operating system called Bada, is working to boost its software capability “harder than people outside think.”

Whether it’s not right for a company to acquire an OS is up for debate, but could it be any worse than chucking out hundreds of plasticky smartphones with an OS on it that is used by just about everyone except Apple and BlackBerry? Perhaps it’s bold of me to say, but between webOS and Bada, Samsung might do better with the former alongside its Android portfolio.

What do you think? Should Samsung mix things up a little bit and pick up webOS and start churning out a few tablets and smartphones? Or is it better off sticking to its Android guns, especially since it’s cranking out arguably some of the best Android smartphones out there?

[Via: Bloomberg]

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