Facebook updates iPhone app to version 3.5; it’s snappier, but where’s the iPad version already?

Facebook has just pushed out version 3.5 of their iPhone app to Apple’s App Store. The changelog says it’s added the ability to tag friends and places in posts, and to share sites you’re exploring in the web browser; note that they mean the web browser inside their app, not Safari. If you want to share things from a browser, may we suggest you try “Dolphin”. Back to Facebook, they’ve also tweaked the design of profiles and group walls, improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls, improved how quickly you get notifications, fixed a number of chat bugs, made it easier to select filters in News Feed, fixed a bug with the notifications bar disappearing, something that only recently started happening to us, fixed a number of photos bugs, and improved performance and stability overall.

We’re still kind of bummed that they haven’t released an iPad version, but what’s most infuriating is that there’s still no way to apply custom privacy settings per shared item. If we want to share something with our friends that we very well know offends two or three people, we want the ability to not share said post with those few friends. It’s something that’s easy as cake to do on the Facebook desktop website, but it’s impossible with both the mobile app and mobile optimized website.

Anyway, when it comes to social networks, which service has the best iPhone app? Is it Twitter, Google+, something that isn’t popular in Western countries, but is huge in your neck of the woods? Despite the limited amount of features Twitter has, it’s the perfect social network to enjoy on mobile devices. Scrolling through status updates feels like checking the texts you missed out on while you had your phone on silent. It’s just so easy to catch up with everything.

What’s your favorite?

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