HTC Runnymede press shot leaks, it’s just the HTC Titan running Android

Earlier this month a rumor hit the internets saying that HTC is preparing to launch a 4.7 Android smartphone codenamed “Runnymede”. We couldn’t believe it, but then just a short week after said rumor first appeared, HTC launched the Titan. It runs Windows Phone Mango and has, you guessed it, a ridiculously large 4.7 inch screen. Now a press shot of the Runnymede has recently been leaked and it’s pretty much exactly what we were expecting, it’s the Titan, but with the Windows Phone buttons swapped for Android buttons. The specs of both the Titan and the Runnymede are nearly identical, the only difference being the Titan has less RAM. The Runnymede is expected to ship with a 1.5 GHz single core processor, 768 MB of RAM, an 8 megapixel that uses a new sensor and lens that promises to deliver best in class photo and video capture, and it’s going to have “Beats Audio”, which we assume will be nothing more than a bundled pair of overpriced headphones.

Do you think the Runnymede has an audience large enough to warrant it even existing? It’s not that long ago that the first 4.3 inch smartphones hit the scene, and they’re certainly polarizing, with some people loving the larger display, while others simply can’t understand why you’d want to carry around such a big sheet of glass in your pocket. Samsung is driving the trend, possibly because they have a vested interest as a component supplier, but also because they want to copy Nokia’s strategy of offering a large portfolio of devices that suites everyone. Their recently announced 5.3 inch Galaxy Note is evidence of their madness, and also proves that they’ve got a massive pair of balls that they’re willing to put on the line to try something new.

What say you: 4.7 inches is too big, just right, or do you wish you could shove a 10 inch tablet in your jeans?

  • 10 inches in my pants is the norm for me.
    i’d like to be able to just carry a tablet around instead of both a phone and tablet. just give us telephony abilities on our tablets in the US. anywhere from 6-11 inches.

  • 4.7″ are the way to go. Just make it full buttonless like the N9 and with 2mm bezel

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