NFL launches official app for Honeycomb tablets

It’s good to see more and more companies launching special version of their apps for the growing army of Android Honeycomb users. NFL is joining this trend and its NFL ’11 is readily waiting in the Android Market.

Available as a free download, the application comes with access to video on demand from the NFL network, along with latest news and stats around the league. What’s more, you can filter through all the information by team to get only the bits you actually care about.

All that’s cool but you would expect something more from a tablet application. NFL delivers on that front too, using the extra screen estate to allow you to watch and follow multiple games at once. Kinda neat and since we’re talking about a free app, we can’t but suggest it to every Honeycomb tablet ownin’ NFL fan out there. Hit the link below and take it from there. 😉

NFL ’11 for Android Tablets (FREE) [Android Market link]

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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