Panasonic gets rugged, launches Toughbook Android tablet

Panasonic today officially launched its Toughbook Android tablet along with upgrades to three of its Toughbook laptop range including the fifth generation of its CF-19, second generation of the CF-31, and the new CF-53. This announcement came at the Defence and Security International (DSEi) exhibition in London.

The Toughbook tablet carries a 10.1-inch XVGA touchscreen, which offers high brightness and is daylight-viewable so that owners can use it in any lighting conditions. It also dispenses with the normal gleaming glass front, which helps cut down on those terrible reflections. The tablet also comes with a stylus, so input can be made simpler.

The Toughbook is designed specifically for military use, so there isn’t any gaping holes in the security system, because the slate has “deep-rooted” security measures embedded at hardware level. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Satellite-based GPS
  • Full-shift battery life
  • Professional-grade accessories
  • Built-in 3G mobile broadband connectivity (optional)

When it comes to the laptops: the CF-19, CF-31, and the newly released CF-53 keeps most of its build quality in tact, but highlights different features in the inside. These new products offered from Panasonic are badass; their hardware is designed to withstand extreme environments like war zones. I can definitely see consumers going after these babies, especially if they work in an rough-and-tumble industry.

[via pocket-lint]

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