HTC Sensation XE is the first Beats superphone

HTC Sensation XE is the first Beats superphone

We told ya’ HTC’s first Beats Android smartphone is in works and voila… it’s here now. It’s called HTC Sensation XE and it’s an upgraded version of the original Sensation. The screen size remains the same (4.3-inches) and the phone looks a bit different, especially on the back. However, the real change is under the hood — instead of rocking a 1.2GHz processor, the Sensation XE comes with a faster one, clocking at 1.5GHz. Moreover, it comes with 16GB of built-in storage (up from 4GB the original Sensation has) as well as a bigger battery (1,730 mAh) and (obviously) better speaker(s). Unfortunately there’s still 768MB of RAM which we think is enough for today’s needs but may not be for the future ones — after all, there’s gotta be a reason why Samsung Galaxy S II comes with 1GB of RAM (i.e. upcoming upgrade to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich).

Still, the Sensation XE is a rock-solid device and arguably the best smartphone HTC has made thus far… As for the release date, it will debut in EMEA and Asia Pacific from late September, costing 589 EUR.

  • Enoel69

    Now if the original Sensation came with such specs, i would have got one to play with till the new Nexus arrival. I just wish since they were on the upgrade path the RAM would’ve been bumped to 1GB. But if you want a true sensation this one is for you. I personally will w8 and see what the Ruby/Amaze 4G ¬†specs are…i love the look of the device, just as sensational as the Sensation. But #1 on my wish list is the new Nexus to replace my N1…just wish it was made by HTC…i’m still holding out faint hope of HTC as the surprise OEM despite all the evidence to the contrary. If not then i hope HTC has a killer ICS device in the works and i would hope they will leak or announce something soon so many of us don’t rush to get some other device. I was and still am for HTC as OEM for the new Nexus. Skipped the Nexus S with the hope that it will be HTC who is called to do honors again the next time. It more looks like Sammy from all the rumors…but i will probably not skip the Nexus this time…

  • Jw77

    4 GB memory and 1 GB for apps. The same as sensation. not 16 GB..

    • Pedro Rosa

      Yes but it comes with 16 GB SD card

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