FakeGirlfriend.co lets you get texts, calls from a fake girlfriend


In the sad/brilliant department, FakeGirlfriend.com has just unveiled a web service which will let you receive texts and calls from a fake girlfriend to impress all your friends who are probably totally cool and get laid all the time and stuff.

It’s built off the Twilio backend, which makes it simple for app developers of all sorts to integrate SMS and voice into apps. With this service, you simply save (212) 804-6979 under your “girlfriend’s” name, shoot a text to it when you’re out and about and a text message will hit your phone with a “girlfriend-esque message.” A short time later, your phone will ring with a pre-recorded message, so you can have an excuse from your cool bros who are probably playing beer pong with popped collars.

Check out the screenshot below for a picture of what these messages will look like and you can head on over to FakeGirlfriend.co to get started. Have fun.


[image: Shutterstock – Yuri Arcurs]

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  • guy passing by…

    Need to necro this….
    1st of all…  Dafuq?!
    2nd of all God damn brilliant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/krecicki Cody Krecicki

    I’ve started a new micro-jobs website where girls can create flings and guys pay for the flings. it’s called htp://www.girlfriendhire.com

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