Sprint kills unlimited data for hotspot add-on

Sprint is killing unlimited data for its mobile hotspot

After a few days of rumors, Sprint confirmed that it will be killing unlimited data for its mobile hotspot plans and users will be receiving a 5 GB cap.

According to a post on PhoneScoop, starting October 2, users on the $29.99 mobile hotspot plan will have a 5 GB limit per month for 3G/4G usage. Sprint is the only major carrier to really offer truly unlimited data with its smartphone plans, so it’s kind of disheartening to see it inch toward the tiered-pricing model. Sprint is quick to point out that mobile hotspot data and smartphone data are counted differently.

So, if you’re on the Now Network, what do you think of these changes?

  • when you are number 3 and you want to attract buisness these little things will get you buisness……Its better if you have laptop and wanted internet to do Clear or Best Buy Connect

  • Austin Bair

    Sprint should have at least waited to make this change.  Duh Sprint?  Why wouldn’t you wait another month after you get a million plus people to buy your unlimited iPhone 5?  Mr. Hesse if you need someone to help you on making these decisions look me up.  If you keep making decisions on cutting unlimited data, because I’m sure the smartphone plan will get the axe next.  My Sprint Premiere is already gone at years end.  The duopoly your worried about will happen, and you will cause it. Stay UNLIMITED!

    • Sprint thinks that remaining competitive against its competitors is by assimilating as their competitors. Sprint blathers on and on about “competition” but how is anything “competitive” when nothing benefits a consumer to make a choice to leave AT&T and their faster 3G network, to leave Verizon and their flawless coverage, to leave T-Mobile with their budget conscious plans? Things like Unlimited Mobile Hotspot for $30 is a rip off anyway, but its still a play Sprint has over other companies that require a $30+ plan plus another $20-$30 for tethering anyway. Sprint has a competitive advantage by remaining a company with $200 ETF’s at 2 Year Agreements, but could have added 1-Year Agreements and charged $350 ETF instead. Sprint has a competitive advantage that while they have a crappy 4G network, they could have made it bigger in the established areas. Sprint had a competitive advantage by offering customers the ability to upgrade their phones at 1 Year with Gold because people are willing to pay another $240 per year for the privilage, over two years thats the cost of a new retail price phone anyway. 

      Sprint has had a lot of great competitive advantages, but they blew them all. Sprint talks about wanting to remain competitive, and keep T-Mobile in the game because its merger with AT&T would kill competition, yet I see NOTHING Sprint is doing lately as actually increasing competition for the consumer to chose Sprint over the Duopoly (Sprint’s words, not mine). I see Sprint doing nothing to stand out and say “We need THIS from companies” and then introduce something revolutionary like they did 3+ years ago.
      As far as I can see, Sprint is no better or different than AT&T and Verizon, and there is no more reason to stay with Sprint with all these changes and limited coverage and speed, than to go to the bigger companies get better coverage faster data and have the exact same stipulations of contracts and fees as Sprint is now having. Sprint is just another carrier that cant offer much in the way of gaining customers, let alone keeping them when you look at the competition.

  • Sprint is also quick to point out that while they added $10 Premium Data to all Smartphones (and cant actualy deliver speed over 100kbps in SF), their Early Termination Fee went up 75%, their Upgrade Fee went up 100%, their Administrative Fee went up 50%, they no longer offer Gold or Silver Premier or discounts to loyal customers, and that they are cutting Mobile Hotspot Data from Unlimited to 5GB and including major overage charges ($0.05 per MB)…. they are still a “better price deal than all other carriers, including T-Mobile who limits your data” (AS THEY LOVE TO TELL ME WHEN I CALL IN ABOUT ANY ISSUE) How is any of this a better deal, when they operate a WiMAX network that hasnt increased coverage in 10 months, a 3G network that cant even break average 150kbps in strong areas of SF Bay Area, and STILL blame customers for issues they might have or pass them along to “Just go to a repair center” who actually does nothing, walks out the door telling you “Im off now, I cant help you anymore”…. How is that a better deal again? I forget that T-Mobile hasnt done any of that to me yet.

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