Sprint axing one-year deals

Sprint sues to block AT&T, T-Mobile merger

Well, it looks like Sprint is pulling the plug on its one year contract renewal option to customers as of October 2. The Now Network confirmed this news from an e-mail sent to MobileBurn earlier today.

Before the change, customers had the option to renew their contract for a 1-year term and receive a $75 discount on a new device. The only options available after October 2 will be to pay full retail price for a new device or sign a 2-year contract and get a subsidized price on the new phone. In defending its decision to axe one year contracts, Sprint points out that the 2-year contract option is the most popular among its customers. This whole thing sounds all to familiar. Remember when Verizon Wireless ended its 1-year contract option back in April of this year?

In related news, Sprint’s plans to launch its new LTE network in early 2012 leaked out. The company is said to have installed LTE equipment and field testing the network in select areas but it’s unclear how many markets would get the service initially once it’s ready for prime time. The LTE rollout is part of the company’s broader Network Vision plan.

[via MobileBurn]

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