Windows Phone Mango now available to 50 percent of users

Windows Phone Mango now available on more devices

Microsoft started pushing out Windows Phone Mango last week to select customers and the company just announced that it will be making this available to more and more users. About 50 percent of Windows Phone users will now be able to download the major software update that is Mango.

Why isn’t it 100 percent yet? Well, Microsoft answers that like this:

Because we’re still collecting and analyzing installation data from our smaller operators, and need to watch it little bit longer to make sure everything is OK.

Additionally, Microsoft warns that the devices which receive the Windows Phone Mango update notification are chosen at random, so a family with multiple Windows Phones may not all be able to update at the same time. Still, the rollout has been pretty smooth so far and I wouldn’t be surprised to see close to 100 percent by the end of the month.

What’s the big fuss about? Well, Windows Phone Mango adds a ton of new features which make your devices easier to use and more powerful. Instead of writing them out, I’ll let you watch this video showcasing the big, new features of Microsoft’s platform.

[Via Windows Phone blog]

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